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Are you... Leaving?

Says it all !

Are you... Leaving?

Postby X-Gen-|.Peh13-| » Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:31 pm

No, I'm not.

I've noticed A LOT of "good bye" threads, and surprisingly, most were made by staff. So what I'm asking is:

I find it REALLY annoying when you post something like

yeah guuys, ;( ;( im leavin pba for gud, and ill never come back
<RandomDude1>: cya gud luck in life bud
<RandomDude2>: cya we all love u, we hope u come back someday
...3 days later
<Person_Leaving>: HAHAH i am not leaving XDXD i decided 2 stay haha im st00pid :D:D:D

...You see how annoying that is?
Yeah, if this keeps happening, I'm gonna start locking good-bye threads, because I do see only two purposes on these threads:
1. Attention from the other users
You want attention? Then make a video on youtube saying that you love Justin Bieber.
Do I have to say what I think about spam?

I hope you guys understand. Think twice before leaving.
[20:16:01] Kyle: and i was like :o then im like Image now im all like 8)
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Re: Are you... Leaving?

Postby Ramit » Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:54 am

Very Much needed.
Users now days just keep doing that to know what others are going to reply.
Threads such as this will be locked, and warnings may also be issued.
As Peh Said, If you're leaving, Just go ahead make a topic and stop replying to it, "Thanks", "Im back :D:D:D:D"
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