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Special Fakemon, Gold & Very Rare Pokemon

Here you may ask other users for help on what a pokemon is worth. Keep in mind these values may not be exact.

Special Fakemon, Gold & Very Rare Pokemon

Postby Stupidplayer » Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:46 pm


I'd like a price check on the following pokemon please.

Ghost Byromoth
Gold Omanyte
Normal Seefin
Normal Vanillite
Normal Axew
Normal Cryogonal
Normal Tynamo


Sold a Crogonal for 4.5m (for others that are looking for an indication of price as well.)
Cryogonals go for 4-4.5m very easy, without any batering. Starting to think they should be sold for more. If a person Named 'Chicken' goes on a bullying campaign on IRC to make you sell at 2m, ignore him :D
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