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Special Stones and Yard Extensions

Give us your ideas here.

Special Stones and Yard Extensions

Postby Ryushi » Fri Sep 05, 2014 3:06 am

I would like to suggest 2 Ideas.

1. Special Stones

Existing : The idea of introducing a stone in the credits shop is appreciated esp. with the special legy encounter rates
Suggestion : Make 2 stones available - 1 gives you the beneficial factor of 10% and costs 15 credits .. and the other can be bought for 25 credits and provides a boost of 20%.
P.S. - Having 5 separate Special stones that would specifically increase the chances of each special separately would be a great addition.
Example : A Stone for the voids would increase your chances of catching a void to a great extent (preferably more than the two general stones)

2. Yard Extension

Existing : We all know when a user donates the first time his yard is extended to 100 pages from 50 pages.
Suggestion : After the first donation, every time a user donates on the same account, increase his yard by say some amount of pages (although i believe 25 pages would be fair).
Example : 'Player1' is a non premium account. User donates. Yard now has 1000 slots instead of 500. 2nd time donation on 'Player1' - and the yard becomes 1000+250 = 1250 slots. A 3rd time donation - and the yard becomes 1250+250 = 1500 slots.. and so on.
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