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Credit Shop Suggestions

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Credit Shop Suggestions

Postby Chrysaor » Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:57 am

I was really saddened when I discovered that Voids were taken out of the Credit shop, so here are some proposals I want to say a propos this matter:
ALTERNATIVE 1: When a player registers that he'd been playing the game for 3 hours or so, an additional connectivity bonus of 2-5% will be awarded. (i.e the maximum connectivity bonus will be 25% instead of the current 20%)
ALTERNATIVE 2: An option for the succeeding $10 donations whether you want credits and the daily golden pokemon or an increase in special encounter rate. So as not to ruin the whole idea of encounter rate, there would be a limit on how much it can go up, say you won't get an increase anymore after three donations. (Note: A win-win situation since a lot will donate and the site will be maintained up and running.)
ALTERNATIVE 3: Introduction of stones affecting the preferred special sprite to be encountered. (i.e. stones that will up the encounter rate of shiny's etc.)
ALTERNATIVE 4: Void sprites of select Pokemon be put back in the Credits Shop, especially those that have "insane" rarity. (i.e Legends and Fakemons)
ALTERNATIVE 5: Void sprites will all be restored, however they would cost four times the normal sprite.

That's about it. Kindly tell me what you think. *laughing*
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