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Proposed Gallery Features

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Proposed Gallery Features

Postby theashman83 » Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:02 pm

Now that the Gallery feature has been added, we can see ALL of the Pokémon in an account (if Gallery is set to enabled). However, I think it could be improved/developed further:

1) Now, some people want to show off their Pokémon, but not all of them. Would it be possible that the Gallery is always enabled, but a user can choose what they put in it? For example, I only want to show off a Shiny Pikachu, so I only put that into the Gallery, and only that Shiny Pikachu shows?

2) At the top of each Gallery page, there is text saying 'User X's Gallery'. Could it be edited so that the User X part could be used as a hyperlink back to the user's profile? Currently, you have to either open their profile in a new tab, or keep clicking the Back button or 'Find Trainer', etc. I think this would be useful, although people would soon forget when it wasn't their (such as with Idea 1 from here).

3) As others have posted, a Search option for the Gallery pages. Even if Idea 1 from this thread doesn't make it through, people have hundreds, some thousands, of Pokémon in their accounts, and so in their galleries. Would it not be easier to look through if we had search functions, such as those in My Pokémon? Or even just searching by a Pokémon name or special type.

More to come as and when I think of them.

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