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currency/economy problem.

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currency/economy problem.

Postby Aegaeon » Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:40 pm

This is just my opinion but I believe there has been lessbmoney flow in this game. Lately I've noticed most players are lacking a supply in money except a few extremely rich players.

There are 2 major reasons why I think money is now scares in the PBA community.

The main reason is training. Ultimately the only way of earning money are training and the Pokemon challenges. Yes you can "sell pokes to make money" but that's just using money in the game not generating new money (which I'll get onto in a minute). Back in early PBA time the only known effective way of training your Pokemon was against the NPCs. We all wanted to battle legy masters to get the most money and best xp! Now that's changed!! Most of the players want to train for top trainers and not money, so what do you do? Battle the trainers who give the most xp right? Right! Well now that there are new generations of Pokemon added to the game that means diff pokes give diff xp. And a few of these pokes give a lot of xp!!! Some give 3000 some even 4000! So players who want that top xp make a training account of 6 of these high xp Pokemon to train against, making it not as desirable to battle the NPCs.

The second reason is more simple. People who sell pokes sell them because they desire and want to keep the money. So that's even less money being used in game because its held in somebody account (which is okay to me) we just need to put it back into the game. Which I feel like us as players are failing to do.

So this being said maybe we could add some new NPCs of higher difficulty that give higher reward? For example an NPC that gives maybe $25k and 20k xp? Or something like that. sharks would decide the numbers and such of course. Or even make furious master beatable again like he was in the past? Just my idea and my opinion respond with your opinion and ideas!
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Re: currency/economy problem.

Postby Bucky » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:10 am

yes i would say that the part in which aegaeon says that there should be a NPCs who give 20-30k award i agree bcoz the max award is 50k from furious master so there should be a NPC who give 25-30k award and exp 8)

-- Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:10pm
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