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Lotto Shop Revival

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Lotto Shop Revival

Postby LeviChamp » Thu May 14, 2015 1:02 pm

Hey there it's levi here :) I noticed that the lotto shop isn't as active anymore and was thinking we might be able to get more people using it by making it more appealing.

I have heard numerous amounts of people complain about the whole one ticket purchase issue, is there a chance we could maybe add another option like buy x5 or x10 or even just x5 and premium users get the x10 as well. Another idea that might spark some interest is adding a few new prizes for winners for example one of the following options:
• a rare Pokemon such as void
• special stones
• credits
• a star on their page for each time they win the lotto

I was also thinking wait we could also make credits more alluring by making it so you can buy a super ticket or batch of tickets for 1 credit (daily login amount), how many tickets it should provide is listed here:
I noticed that on the donation page you can purchase 5mil for $15 and the deal for $10 that buys 50 credits, I assume the conversion would say 1 credit would be worth roughly $3,333,333 so therefor a normal ticket costs only $1,000 so the bonus ticket should give about 3,333 entries or worth that much, I know this seems like it's worth a lot of money but it will make users think more carefully with their credits, buy more credits, the payout would have to be good though to implement this option, maybe a kind of super jackpot or mega lotto at the start of each month which starts with MULTIPLE prizes up for the winner, along with the normal lotto jackpot. A cap limit to how many credits you can spend per day in lotto would also have to be implemented.

If anyone thinks of any other suggestions please feel free to post and discuss your ideas, if we get enough people and motivation behind this i believe we can make a nice new change to the game.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Lotto Shop Revival

Postby Chromohit » Thu May 14, 2015 1:34 pm

The idea is good, almost. I liked everything except that super ticket thing. A bunch or pack of tickets is understandable but the super ticket thing tickles me. Its okay with me for 10x entries or 5x entries, but, if there will be a super ticket which every one can buy then it will become too easy. I say, if this super ticket idea implements then they should be temporarily available by completing a kinda achievement or doing something like that. Then also temporary, say, like for 3-8 days. If made permanent, then rich players would buy all the supers every time.
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Re: Lotto Shop Revival

Postby LeviChamp » Thu May 14, 2015 1:44 pm

yeah I really wasn't quite sure about that one because it did seem a bit too much. After I did the calculations it just showed credits were worth too much to spend them in lotto.
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