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Requested idea!

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Requested idea!

Postby Mickerrs » Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:33 pm

So. there is a new achievement on the game. (50 voids originally owned which gives an albino pokemon). I thought that maybe could add more achievements similar.. for example.. 50 albino originally owned. i will leave it upto the others (staff or maybe the players to put some idea up about which poke to gain from that if implemented). Also, Niki has came up with a good idea for 100 void orig owned or 200 etc.. for prizes such as void unobs (darkrema, zekrom, reshiram, zangoose etc) i personally think this one could be good as it will not only encourage players to be more active (to gain the orig owned they need) to complete but it will also give anyone on the game the chance to gain these pokemon for their uniques and not only (good or established players who have been on for longer and have alot of money in game) but new players who have worked hard to gain the achievement.
Thanks for reading i hope this is acknowledged. ~Reck
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