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donation problem

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donation problem

Postby jump2star » Mon May 09, 2016 12:42 pm

Hi ,
i'm usually a good thinking guy , i love game like that cause it's not attached to pokemon company and i know the struggle of
making some new patch or improvement into a game that has no income , so i decide 2 day ago to donate you 18$ USD , i did this cause i was hype about that game
that look particuliary fun to play , having some difficulty to find legendary wasnt that much a problem since i knew that i would buy some map with my credit ,
2 day ago : i've wait 12 hours then 24 hours into the game , cause i did never receive a single credit that so i have decide to ask in the chat box for people to helping me , i have wrote to the email reliate to the paypal account(jazz) that i've paid , i still dosnt have a reply , now it's been 50+ hours since i have bought the credit

i ask you now to reply to me , cause if you don't understand that i've paid for something that didn't has been credited on my account , it's call stealing and
i have the right to pursuit you + cancelling the credit bought to get back my 18$

sincerely i dont want to go that far , just give me my credit and i'll be fine
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