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Donation Glitch from a while back

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Donation Glitch from a while back

Postby W0LF3M4N_trainer » Tue May 24, 2016 7:38 am

So rem told me to post this… Like 3-4 months back i believe I donated 3-4 times for a person to get premium and they were never given premium nor did they receive a golden/credits… Then a few days later i donated for albino moltres divine and was given nothing after 2 donation attempts even though it doesn't have a sprite i tried to donate anyways… I am making this report now because Rem told me to. I contacted the FaceBook page way back when it happened and never got a response. I took a hiatus after that because of no one helping me out when being a great player for such a long period of time… I come back to be told someone was given 4 really rare voids for having the same thing happen to me and i got nothing so made me rather angry as well. I used to donate everytime any gold/albino legy came up on the donations but haven't done so in months because of this situation and I used to be a big donation seller as well i no longer do that anymore… I lost $60-$70 after spending hundreds before that… Thanks.


-- Tue May 24, 2016 3:05 am --

now that i think about it I'm pretty sure i also donated 3 times for yveltal and got him on the last time i tried it… I wasn't charged the first 2 times so it appeared but the next day i had 3 charges on my card… everytime donations failed i was charged i would not be complaining if i wasn't sorry for the spam ;p
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