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Need help catching normals

For offering services, such as training, bounty hunting, yard building, etc.

Need help catching normals

Postby prateekchellani » Tue Mar 17, 2015 4:30 pm

Hey everyone...
Looking for someone reliable to help me complete my yards...
I'll be paying 10k per poke (unless specified) and mostly will give yard access(unless a clan yard)
These are the list of yards I currently need help with, along with the number of poke I'll buy/need. Pls note, if ur selling me pokes then I'd buy atleast 100 at a time.

200 Panpour -15k each
300 Munna - may not give yard access
400 tyrogue
100 Ralts
250 petilil (may need more) -20k tough to catch.
230 magnemite
200 swinub - (hint Easy on route 18)
100 doduo
200 poocheyena
68 lunatone
80 cacnea
100 sandshrew
120 meditite
100 volbeat
300 wynaut - 20k. - won't be able to give yard access since its a clanmate's yard, not mine
300 of any gen 3 legy -50k no yard access

That's it, although, check my trade shop where my list of yards is present. Help to raise(to 50pages) any of the yards not mentioned here will be appreciated tho I will not pay much.

Also to get free access to the yard u helping me with, u must agree to yard terms n conditions, also on my trade shop

*note to mods : I'm not sure if this comes in trading or services, as now catching normals for yards is more of a job than a trade, but if u feel it should be moved, please do the appropriate* :D
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