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Looking for a trusted day carer.

For offering services, such as training, bounty hunting, yard building, etc.

Looking for a trusted day carer.

Postby ManiacXO » Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:11 pm

I am looking for a trusty person to look after my pokemon while I'm at work.
I expect them to be trained high when I get back, any sort of slacking I'll never use you again.

750k per Pokemon to get to level 100, if you happen to buy any moves.. please let me know so I can reimburse you.

How this will happen is, Ill put the 6 pokemon I want trained up, you will offer 750k PER POKEMON and once they're all level 100, I will offer 1.5m PER POKEMON back and any extra fees if you buy moves.
My in game name is Maniacxo
Feel free to add me, write on my wall or even msg me.
Kind regards
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