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New SOTW Rules. New rule added.

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New SOTW Rules. New rule added.

Postby Ramit » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:27 am

We have decided to Introduce a new Judging system for the Signature of the Week contests. This will depend on our judges who will rate each banner according to the following Criteria:
1.Theme Accuracy.
3.Over all signature quality.
4.Over all look of the signature.
The winner will be chosen by taking the average of each tags score. And whoever has the highest average. Wins.

Judges Will Be.
1. Ramit
2. Last

This Judging system will be followed from the Tenth SOTW [Sprites].

Those who will be found breaking any kind of rule such as asking a judge to increase their points using stocks/banners with a company trademark etc. will be disqualified for the current and following Signature of the Week contests.

As per Me and Last decided, the Judges can also participate in the SOTW, although they cant rate their own banners.
If I participated then, Last will rate my banner.. If a normal user participated last and I would rate it and his marks total would be divided by 2 to get a result on 10.

Best Of Luck And Enjoy the SOTW's. Another Note:
Users Please dont post on this topic, use the Official SOTW thread for that, any posts made here will be deleted.

If you have any further queries. Please ask at the Official SOTW thread
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