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Read Before Posting!

Read Before Posting!

Postby Ramit » Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:10 pm

In the old Community Watch forum (without a subdivision) and even in the new one, We've seen a few cases where users make topics such as "I've been banned for more than a month", "Mods please read Ive been banned for no reason" etc. This is leading to excess topics here as this isnt the correct place to post such things, Or than reports dealing with Criminal Activity in the IRC chat other topics here are considered irrelevant. The P.M. feature can be used to contact a staff and ask such a Question.
Though In most Cases, If you're banned from a month or two or even more its becomes quite obvious its a long term ban or even permanent.
A Format stated in the IRC reporting area must be followed in all Reports there.
Users should Not make other individual topics about IRC reports. The Reporting Area in this subforum is to be used for that. Many users make topics such as "Please ban this person", "please ban him he scammed me" etc. The Reporting Area here is enough for that as it reduces the need to read multiple topics, Helps fasten the process and also reduces excess topics over here.
Note: "Offlately, I have been receiving several messages to unban people. Its not just me but other mods too. If you are banned for first time, you will be unbanned after 24 hrs( remember , we do sleep) ,2nd time = 48 hrs . So, we will unban you at the time. If you do PM a mod , surely, i am not gonna unban till the time . So, wait patiently till you are unbanned. And Dont make threads that you are banned. We will unban you later."
Post originally by Sharks. Please take this into consideration as well.

Other Staff Please feel free to add/delete any things you think are necessary/irrelevant resp.
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