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PSG123 insulting

PSG123 insulting

Postby barcasven » Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:14 pm

<psg123>: gold landorus = 80 mil + 1 or 2 voids?
<psg123>: ???
<barcasven>: nope
<barcasven>: 80m only
<psg123>: i think adding 1 or 2 void is fair depending on price
<barcasven>: nty
<barcasven>: won't offer more
<psg123>: not even 1 void or an shiny legy?
<barcasven>: nop
psg123>: why r u trying to scam me?
<barcasven>: i don't... u can say no aswell ...
<psg123>: but i need to sell it for money
<barcasven>: 80m cash
<psg123>: and 1 void is still cheating me so is fair
<barcasven>: nope take or leave 80m
<psg123>: leave, i dont trade with scammers
<barcasven>: scammers..... sure i don't scam
<barcasven>: i just pay the price i want to pay max
<psg123>: i knnow u do, dont deny it
<barcasven>: scam is like you did
<psg123>: i havent
<barcasven>: with gold genesect
<barcasven>: i didn't scam
<barcasven>: cuz i pay
<barcasven>: don't denie it ;D
<barcasven>: goodluck selling it btw
<psg123>: that was cos he said i could have it but then he changed his mind after i left so i gave it the day after, by then he reported me
<psg123>: do u pplay fifa?
<barcasven>: sure... i can read different stories on forum hahahahahahaha
<barcasven>: yes i do why?...
<psg123>: cos i can give u my pokemon if u give me coins on fifa
<barcasven>: nty
<psg123>: why not? u get gold landorus for free then
<barcasven>: i am only paying 80m
<barcasven>: and free? i ned to pay creds on fifa xD
<psg123>: u can play as if u started again
<psg123>: 80 mil is 40 mil off the actual price
<barcasven>: no1 buys...
<barcasven>: i sold fiery gold bulba 70m today and is worth 150 so idc
<psg123>: people do, i know some1 that sold 4, in a week
<barcasven>: when not on donation and u heard ryushi no1 wants it
<barcasven>: but u get 30 mins to decide otherwise i won't even try to buy it and if u will let me buy it 50m even then i would say no in half an hour
<psg123>: every 1 has their own opinion. ryushi is a normal player in this game, give me 80 mil + 1 void and deal
<barcasven>: 80m and no void and deal
<barcasven>: last deal i cna give you is void ledyba and 75m
<psg123>: no deal, 1 void and 80
<psg123>: how much is void ledyba?
<barcasven>: 15m around
<psg123>: then no deal
<psg123>: cheater
<barcasven>: ok keep the landorus moron
<barcasven>: goodluck selling it
<barcasven>: HAHAHAHAA
<psg123>: i will get so rude u will wish u coukd get back into ur mum
<barcasven>: i'm a cheater that's lovely to hear from a scammer ^^
<barcasven>: try me
<psg123>: u will report me so i cant
<barcasven>: i will report you anyway ,)
<psg123>: so i cant get rude
<barcasven>: calling me cheater and the sentence about my mom... my mom died so get lost
<psg123>: i dont want ur life story
<barcasven>: i don't want you in my life ^^
<psg123>: i aint in ur life
<barcasven>: so even when u start crying like a baby to accept the offer i gave i won't even think about it
<barcasven>: 80m now or never
<psg123>: i aint gonna cry like ur mum last night in bed
<barcasven>: there's my report ^^ talking rude about my mom ^^ hf with ban
<barcasven>: screened and posting on forum ^^
<barcasven>: anything else u wanna say? ^^
<psg123>: im sorry
<barcasven>: you're not
<barcasven>: you're sorry when you are banned
<psg123>: u dont know if im not
<psg123>: i wont be sorry when im banned cos i dont cry over a kids game
<barcasven>: i see.... u cry alot, tell me i'm cheater and i scam etc.... i pay money so how can i cheat or scam xD
<psg123>: paying is cheating as it is advantageous over people
<barcasven>: by paying i mean pokemoney....
<psg123>: i mean donations
<psg123>: u havent reported me
<barcasven>: i will
<barcasven>: got the pics
<barcasven>: pics don't run away
<barcasven>: i was paying 80m or 75 and void is 90m but ok u dont want to then i report you later anyway ^^
<psg123>: ok, report me in 900 days
<barcasven>: nope in 2 hours after my movie ^^
<psg123>: what movie?
<barcasven>: jimmy grimble
<barcasven>: why u talking to me?
<barcasven>: i was the scamme xD
<psg123>: never heard of it
<psg123>: helllo
<barcasven>: ??
<psg123>: hi
<barcasven>: why u talk to me????
<barcasven>: u call me scammer and cheater so stop talking maybe?
<psg123>: im not talking, im typing
<barcasven>: idc
<barcasven>: if not bout selling pokes stop TYPING
<psg123>: i am selling pokes
<psg123>: my mum loves me, what about u?
<barcasven>: another screen added
<psg123>: nothing wrong witt
<psg123>: that statement, remember my mum loves me and will do anything for me
<barcasven>: yes it is cuz i told you my mom died.... and u ask what bout you
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