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A proof that I'm not botting! (Username---Barbie_128)

A proof that I'm not botting! (Username---Barbie_128)

Postby barbie_128 » Fri May 22, 2015 4:43 pm

Hi all! Recently, I've been accused for botting due to the skyrocketing of the number of my pokemon caught daily. Therefore, I made a video to explain the situation I'm in.

Sorry that the screen isn't quite clear and I'm using a demo video recording device but I'm sure that this is sufficient as a prove.

Video URL (uploaded to youtube):

As you saw in the video, I can catch an average of 10 pokes per min. If I play the whole day (24 hours) (of course, I'm not that crazy to play that long XP), 600(per hour)x24 hours = 14400 pokes per day would be my limit. And also, this max number could increase if I buy pokes too since accepting/offering a 6 pokes set would be less than a sec. Thus, it's not surprising that I catch 3-6k pokes in a day. The number of my pokemon will increase by leaps and bounds daily so pls dont accuse me of botting anymore, I really do hate accusation. If anyone has any question (other than my personal info >.< ), I would be happy to answer them.

(*termes, sorry for using your yard as an example >.< )

Thanks for reading :)
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