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Reporting a scammer (FlameBoyS07)

Reporting a scammer (FlameBoyS07)

Postby jorge66666 » Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:54 pm

Username of culprit: FlameBoyS07
Items taken: Void Lucario and 12m
What happened: I offerd in a 0 set up for him too mega evolve the Void Lucario with the mega stone and he changed my poke and my money for other account and quited mibbit.
Proof (if available):
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Re: Reporting a scammer (FlameBoyS07)

Postby theashman83 » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:07 pm

(OP is known as TheRush77 ingame)

Void Lucario ID: 26021702
Original trade offer ID: 7877216

After Rush traded the Lucario+12m bundle to FlameBoyS07, FlameBoy then traded those and a bunch of normal legendaries to an account created solely for the purpose of hiding his stuff away. IGN: Deliolurum. The legendaries are still there.

After I posted on this profile telling him to return the stolen items or risk getting banned for scamming, he then traded the cash+Void Lucario (and an unrelated Void Blaziken) to another alternate account, kek0718. At the time of posting, this is where the items are being held. I have also posted on this account (the first message was deleted by the user) and his main FlameBoyS07 account.

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Re: Reporting a scammer (FlameBoyS07)

Postby winniethepooh » Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:31 pm

Ok now its getting even better. I create an new account to play on since my regular is banned for now, then when i try and sign in on the new one I get this message. "Your account/IP has been banned for indefinite due to storing stolen Pokemon (ID 26021702) that was scammed from TheRush77 and transfered here". So let me get this straight, some guy scams TheRush77, trades me (WinnieThePooh) his scammed pokemon (he gave me the lvl 100 void lucario for my void kadabra) that I had no way of knowing was stolen, and I get banned for that? Is this a joke? Also if and when I ever get unbanned do I keep the stolen pokemon? Or do I get my old void Kadabra back? Or do I get scammed and get my Void Kadabra stolen from me ? And apparently my whole IP address is banned too how awesome!
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