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Multiple reports against one person!

Multiple reports against one person!

Postby Ryushi » Sat Apr 02, 2016 3:58 am

Reporting invinciblequasar for multiple reasons, because 1 is not enough.

1. Potential Yard Scam

From what i understood from asking in public chat is that he gathered people to help him complete his mewtwo yard and promised not to sell access.
Now that the yard is complete, he is selling access - he even agrees to selling it, after ali warns him that he cant sell access.

This is what i found at CC's wall:

Been going through PP's Yard rules and this i think falls under scam? I'll let mods decide as they know best.

2. Claiming others' accounts as his
Again, I reported this in the shoutbox area, but consolidating it here.

Ryushi wrote:Hi Staff,
-- Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:32 pm --

Form what I understand sharing accounts in PBA is prohibited as per Rules and regulations.

When someone falsely claims that an ingame name is theirs, I think that should be reported too as it can be termed as spreading rumours and might lead to defaming others - a potential fraud.

This is Quasar claiming that the accounts daniel3714, WhiteZetsu and the_master_dragon157 are all his (I have a screenshot of today's list where these are bottom 3 accounts, that quasar referred to as his - let me know if anyone wants me to provide that screenie for today's updated list):

Requesting PBA ingame staff to take a look at this as this guy has been reported twice within 14 days.

3. First shoutbox report
Well, this was my first shoutbox report for him I let him get away that time as he had apologised to me after calling me names. I did not know he would go on and do these things later on :shake:

Ryushi wrote:Well, I have had enough with this guy. Reporting him as he was using insulting remarks in non-English, so that no one else can understand.


P.S. - Clan leader of stars = Ryushi

Could some one from the indian sub-continent please check and confirm? I would be glad if someone looked at this :)

P.S. - He has now apologised. I would request staff to let him get away with it, this time. But, if he does anything similar, I will be on my toes. thank you!
-- as promised, I am reporting him.
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