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100 page Arceus, Deo, Ray yard, 7m noprem 9m prem

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100 page Arceus, Deo, Ray yard, 7m noprem 9m prem

Postby Shiny_legy3 » Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:02 am

Hi everyone, selling access to an 100 page Arceus, Ray, Deoxys yard with 3 pages of specials. It is 7m for non premium and 9m for premium if you would like to join and my ign is shiny_legy. Just send a friend request and offer on a 0 trade.

Yard Proof:
100 pages proof Arceus Deoxys Rayquaza

Specials proof(taken while i only had 52 pages just because it was easier to find specials since my search option doesn't work xD) Deoxys Arceus/Deoxys Rays Rays

Specials Dark Ray Dark Ray Dark Ray Metal Deoxys Metal Ray Found the 3 Metal Rays in the span of 15minutes xD and the dark ones on top in the span of 2 hours :rofl: Metal Ray Metal Ray Dark Ray Dark Deoxys Ghost Ray Ghost Deoxys

Btw, I'm still buying sets of mainly deoxys and arceus, 600k each. There are a lot of rays in my yard so don't be surprised if you find more of those then the others for now xD Also, still buying some specials of these 3 as well, for 1.5-2m each. PM me on irc if you are selling or just post on my profile. Im shiny_legy at both :)
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Re: Starting Legy yard

Postby jojorebel123 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:00 am

I am willing to help
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