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2 yards - Hitmon/Tyrogure yard, and caterpie yard !

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2 yards - Hitmon/Tyrogure yard, and caterpie yard !

Postby agentzero » Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:32 am

Hey y'all got 2 yards for you and more to add in the future

Yard 1: IGN - lilbasshuntjr
Hitmon and Tyrogure yard--- consists of 125 hitmonlee, 125 hitmonchan, 100 tyrogure, 111 hitmontop (150 soon)
Entry: 4 mil non prem, 6 mil prem

Yard 2: IGN- Caterpie_god
Consists of 461 caterpie, special encounter rates are really high
Entry: 1 mil non prem, 1.5mil prem

here is the proof can provide more if needed
Please comment on the ign's above if you want entry, offer on $0 and add them as a friend and I will accept as soon as I can!


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