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100 Page Deoxys Yard

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100 Page Deoxys Yard

Postby GohanJackson » Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:47 pm

Hi guys, i have made a 100 page Deoxys yard .
Entry Fee will be 17 million for Premium and non-premium .

offer at GohanJackson for my 0 and add 7andriu7

1- No refunds after you join the yard.
2- Entry will be permanent.
3- Only that account will be added from which money is offered.
4- Not capture Dialga normal and sell

Fact: Deoxys yard was 7andriu7 , If you are interested in this courtyard, contact or IRC GohanJackson but as many know me in game as GohanJackson...

Lords Appreciation Administrators .. Thank you for your attention and have fun :/

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