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Post your yards here.


Postby Rem » Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:49 am

Welcome to my Graveyard. Read everything or don't post.

Form's of Payment:

For Temporary access to yard: (Pick one)
    1 Void
    5 shinies
    5 ghosts
    5 darks
    5 metals

For Permanent Residency, you must provide all of the following:
    2 Void pokemon of your choosing
    5 different shiny pokemon of your choosing
    10 different dark pokemon of your choosing
    5 different metal pokemon of your choosing
    10 different ghost pokemon of your choosing
Current dead pokemon: SableyeImage cnt: 30/???

About my yards (Read or don't reply):
Please Note: This is relatively new and will be subject to change.

I will choose a Pokemon randomly and make a 50 page yard out of them, then replace all the normal version of that Pokemon with ghost type. Once i manage to change all the normals into dead ghosts, I will wait two weeks then choose another Pokemon.[/u][/i] Those who are not on "permanent residence" list will be removed after the yard is reset. To get back in, you will have to pay again. Do not ask for a lower price please. Sometimes I will offer it, and you can take the offer if you would like. (Don't ask for a different offer or a better one) I can remove whoever I want, whenever I want, for whatever reason I see fit. I'm most likely not going to do this, but I'm putting it here in case I do.
In order to post on this topic, you must reply to this topic and provide your username, your preferred payment (aka what you plan on offering as seen above), send a friend request to Sakaa and type "Codeword: Bones" so I know you read all of this. Don't ask to have free access, I give those to who people I think deserve it. (Don't be offended if you're not offered one, I don't want any hurt feelings) I'm only accepting requests made on this topic! NO IRC OR GAME NEGOTIATIONS! Feel free to send a forum PM as well.


List of Graveyard Residents

Staff get permanent access to all yards.

Free access:

Current Yard Visitors (Will be reset after every yard):

Permanent Residency:

image: Sableye by Dav3cske on deviantART
Usernames: Sakaa, JProcks, Rem
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Re: gråveyård

Postby prateekchellani » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:52 am

Well, since the post seems relatively old, Is this yard still open?
If it is, I'd like to know when it's complete
Preferred mode of payment - cash for temporary access (1.5m)
Ign -prateekchellani
Code word : bones

Reply to this post when u want me to offer the money
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