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Memonie55's epic starter yard is back! [win dark darkrai]

Post your yards here.

Memonie55's epic starter yard is back! [win dark darkrai]

Postby memonie55 » Wed May 20, 2015 9:07 pm

I am back on PBA, and so is my awesome starter yard, along with the yard related contests!

Pricing: 3mil for non-premium / 5mil for premium
IGN: memonie55
Rules: No farming will be tolerated, nor is making a yard out of mine allowed. Failure to follow that rule will get you kicked out without possible refund.

What pokes can you find? 100 pages of all gen starters; steadily working on increasing the 5th gen total for June 3rd.
Paging details: Bulbasaur (7) / Squirtle (11) / Charmander (10)/ Chikorita (9) / Totodile (7)/ Cyndaquil (8)/ Treecko (8) / Mudkip (8) / Torchic (7)/ Turtwig (6)/ Piplup (9) / Chimchar (9) / Snivy (3)/ Oshawott (2)/ Tepig (2)
Screenshots are to come in a near future when I get access to a computer again. In the meanwhile, you can see previous S.C that were posted on my old (and locked) topic: and

Ongoing contest: the current contest will last from May 20th until the 1st of June and will be a screenshot contest
Rules: all those who participate must post their special encounters [in my yard] screenshot on the same "reply" post. Each screenshot is worth ONE point, with the exception of Void starter (any gen) and special 5th gen screenshot that will count as FIVE points.
Prize: the winner will be the player who has posted the most screenshots of special starters encountered in my yard. S/he will win a Dark Darkrai

Have fun!
Back to PBA! This means the return of my starter yard and contests
It also means that I am interested in buying your Pink Shiny Pokes
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