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GN's Starter Yard

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GN's Starter Yard

Postby GrotesqueNightmare » Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:09 pm

GN's Starter Yard

Hello and welcome to my yard! I made a similar yard like this about 2 years ago which was very successful so I'm trying again, but I'm definitely gonna need some help restarting. To help start off I'm holding a contest!

This yard will start out free in order to get help to maintain it, then the price for admission will be 5 random Normal legendaries or 10 random starters.


IGN: GrotesqueNIghtmare

Add me to be included in the contest.

Win a Shiny Aron and Shiny Turtwig!

Who ever donates the most starters to my yard by September 30th will win the two shinies and have unlimited access to my yard. Everyone else who entered and donated will also have unlimited access to my yard. All you have to to is add me and start releasing in my yard then i will count up all the starters at MIdnight EST on September 30th to declare a winner.

Contest starts today!!

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None yet! :3

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