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Ban Appeal (MrFroslass and ~Monster~)

Ban Appeal (MrFroslass and ~Monster~)

Postby MrFroslass » Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:19 am

Include your in-game name: MrFroslass , ~Monster~
•Reason of your ban: Botting
•How long you were banned : 100 days
•Who you were banned by : W0LF3M4N
•Why you should be unbanned : This is because i was tired of botting. and i sincerely wanted to surrender and take punishment , i am a big fan of the game since almost a decade and wants to continue to do so. The goal is to play fair and not repeat this mistake again and have fun playing with old friends and new people aswel, guiding and helping them and as much as i can , with the community service. Please give me a chance to prove myself and enjoy the game once again.

Thank You for helping me.
Your Favourite Monster :)
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