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(January 22, 2016) How to Appeal: Read before posting.

(January 22, 2016) How to Appeal: Read before posting.

Postby Rem » Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:37 am

Hey there!

Before you make a post, be sure to read the following.

While Appealing for in-game bans, include the following in your appeal
•Include your in-game name
•Reason of your ban
•How long you were banned
•Who you were banned by (Don't include this if you don't know.)
•Why you should be unbanned

UPDATE: In your Subject Line, if you are requesting for a PBA unban put [PBA] first in the subject line. If you are requesting a PE unban, put [PE]. It will be convenient for the staff members and more organized, please and thank you. Also put a brief reason for your ban. For example "botting, scamming, harassment, etc"

While Appealing for chatroom bans, include the following in your appeal
•Include your IRC/Chatroom name
•Reason you were banned
•How long you were banned for
•Who you were banned by

General Rules:

•Do NOT comment on someone else's ban appeal. Only Moderators and the person who is appealing may post on the thread. Other posts will be deleted and in repeated cases, a warning will be issued. There are few cases where commenting will be allowed.
•Do not post your appeal on an existing appeal. You must make your own topic for your own appeal.
•Do not appeal a 24 hour ban from IRC. If you are banned for more than 48 hours, then you can appeal.
•If your appeal was denied, do NOT appeal again. You must wait at least one month before re-appealing.
•DO NOT APPEAL FOR SOMEONE ELSE. If I see "My friend was banned please unban", that post is getting deleted.

Newly added notes:
•Posting an appeal does not guarantee an unban.
•If you are sheltering cheated or illegitimately obtained money or Pokemon, the likelihood of your account being unbanned is very slim. This is because we have no way of manually removing things from accounts.
•Do not harass staff over bans. This includes continuously replying to ban appeals where a decision has already been made and trying to annoy or provoke staff on IRC about your ban appeal. This has a negative effect on your situation.
•Replying with snark or attitude does not go well in ban appeals. Such actions only lead to arguing, which is a waste of time for both parties. Do not expect further replies from staff if you resort to this approach in your ban appeals.
•Don't pretend you don't know what you did please.
•(Oct 5th 2015) For some bans, it may be a case of waiting 24 hours and then you get unbanned. This is not true for all bans! The circumstances of the ban are what define the time period that the ban is set for.

Please keep these in mind when appealing your ban.

Formality update (05,18,2015)

Proper etiquette

After you have posted a ban appeal, please do not ask the staff members to read and reply to your appeal. We read every ban appeal in this section (in fact, this is the one part of the forum I check regularly, as often as I can). If you want a response, you will have to be patient.. The reasons for a delayed response is entirely situational. We don't intend to keep you waiting, but sometimes we may need more investigation, time to think, or frankly think you need to stay banned longer.

Please remember to have patience after your ban appeal. While I will gladly answer questions about your ban appeal, I do not want to be asked to specifically look at it while I already have.

Now, there may be times where we do miss your post and you have gone a significant amount of time of waiting (2 weeks is 2 long and then you can ask the moderator how your ban appeal progress is going.
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