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[PBA] Chinmay11's Unban Appeal

Re: [PBA] Chinmay11's Unban Appeal

Postby Drakon » Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:50 pm

JProcks wrote:
Drakon wrote:
JProcks wrote:Everything we needed to say has been said, we've given a reason as to why you were banned and if your ban would be removed. Since this appeal has been denied, you can post another in 30 days.

And that, my dear, is what a proof less ban looks like. :clap:

Why would I waste my time for someone who doesn't take the time to read the rules?

Taken from the "How to Appeal" thread

How to Appeal wrote:•Posting an appeal does not guarantee an unban.
•If you are sheltering cheated or illegitimately obtained money or Pokemon, the likelihood of your account being unbanned is very slim. This is because we have no way of manually removing things from accounts.
•Do not harass staff over bans. This includes continuously replying to ban appeals where a decision has already been made and trying to annoy or provoke staff on IRC about your ban appeal. This has a negative effect on your situation.
•Replying with snark or attitude does not go well in ban appeals. Such actions only lead to arguing, which is a waste of time for both parties. Do not expect further replies from staff if you resort to this approach in your ban appeals.

This was updated a month ago, you had plenty of time to read it.

1) If I hadn't read those rules, I wouldn't have posted my appeal in the format I have.
2) If this is about "snark or attitude" I'd like to say that I've tried being polite in almost all my posts. In fact, if anyone started with the attitude it was PP-
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Re: [PBA] Chinmay11's Unban Appeal

Postby vaiybora » Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:03 am

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