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banned in error...

banned in error...

Postby Leo_c5 » Wed Oct 07, 2015 2:05 pm

Good Morning Staff,
I attempted log into my account just recently, and to my surprise, I received a message indicating that the account was banned. The message read "Your account has been banned, if you believe this has been done in error please find the Ban's Thread in our forums."

Leo_c5 is my in game name.
Reason for unban: Error
How long: I am not sure, I was playing last night. Do not know how long I have been banned.

I would like to be un-banned please because I was 100% banned in error and I would like to continue playing this game. There are certain Pokemon I like, and I catch them and train them and battle them for hours on end until they reach lvl 100 and on to the next. I've been playing this game for a few weeks already, only had 26-28 total Pokemon in my collection the last time I checked, I bought one Pokemon, and have sold about 10 Pokemon since I have started playing this game until present time. Can I please receive assistance in reactivating my account please? I've worked hard for everything I have. Thank you so much all.
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