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Ban Appeal: PBA

Ban Appeal: PBA

Postby Doctor » Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:44 pm

Ign: DoctorDoom
Who were you banned by: Lyzier.
Why were you banned: Botting/macroing.
My side of the story: I was banned here and as well on another game called PIC, an affiliation of PBA. I accept the fact I macroed on PIC. I'm sorry for what I have done. I did not bot on this game, which is quite evident from pba stats. 29,000 wins in 1 month and experience on golden misdreavus. I was banned for apparently showing the macros software on my screenshots for a yard, which I was making back then. I had macros on my laptop, but I swear that I had never used it on this game.
I was never caught here for doing insane long hours of battles or something. But the screenshot of macros sealed my fate here.

Back then I just wish I had a way to prove my innocence but, everything went against me because I was banned on PIC, before getting banned here.

its been almost 5years since I was banned. From a 16 year old teenager, I am at 21, and going for a job. Things have changed and I assure that I wouldn't disappoint the moderators, if given a second chance( always been promised by JProcks/Lyzier that I'll be given a second chance given that I am good to people on chat and also not cheat).. Past five years never been caught for even disrespecting people on chat, let alone cheating on game. I don't play pokemon much now but I'd love to have my account back.

I guess, thats it. :)


PS: Spoke to Nexus on IRC, and he claims that its difficult to unban because there are different people coming on chat and forums to appeal.. I just wanna ask, 'What is my mistake if someone's impersonating me?' I can only talk for myself and my actions.
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