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[PBA] Ban Appeal

[PBA] Ban Appeal

Postby Incarael » Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:46 pm

IGN: Incarael
Reason for ban: Botting(?)
Length of ban: Indefinite

Reason for unban:
Full disclosure - I downloaded 'PBA bot' as I was intrigued as to some of the features and to look at the source code as I wanted to make something similar as part of a college project (unrelated to this game, I wanted to see a live example of how to interact with external scripts to make a basic AI able to play the game I made as a part of that same course). So I made a second account 'Bossman420' in order to test this out. I then proceeded to use certain features of the bot, the auto-purchase of large quantities of lotto tickets (A quality of life feature as it allowed me to do other things while it purchases them) and the effect that I did not immediately realize was available, the page refresh (Stops you from being automatically signed out, which is why I had the 5000+ min session), as i didn't see these as particularly cheaty features; again, trying to purchase 1000 lotto tickets on my connection would take the best part of an hour and the session time extension can be done using a variety of auto-refresh extensions available.

With this being said, I did not personally use the auto-encounter feature on my Incarael account. Yesterday (11/Apr/17) I foolishly allowed my nephew to use my account whilst he was at my house. [Cliche excuse alert I know] He seemed interested in what I was doing, and I had other jobs that I needed to do, so I let him use it unsupervised. He never said anything about using the extension or getting the account banned, which is why when I tried to get on this morning I was rather confused.
I have since removed the extension from my browser, and he is banned from using my PC for any reason from now on...

I know this sounds like the cliche 'it wasn't me' excuse but it genuinely was not. If I spend money on a game, I am not going to go out of my way to cheat and risk a ban.

Thanks for your consideration.

-Alex aka Incarael
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