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[PBA] Ban appeal nose_que_poner

[PBA] Ban appeal nose_que_poner

Postby Steven__masnaix » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:30 pm

•Include your in-game name: Steven__masnaix, nose_que_poner, vulpixchupala, u__campeon, etc (many accounts that ends with _masnaix ip banned).
•Reason of your ban: i broke the first rule of pba ( 1. If you find an exploitable bug or glitch, report it to a mod or admin. )
•How long you were banned: like 4 years ago
•Why you should be unbanned: Well i know that i broke the rule, i admit it, i caught a lot of pokemons that shouldnt be caught during the glitch and i'm very sorry about it, i understand why i got banned on vulpixchupala and u__campeon ( the accounts that i used to catch the pokemons), i didnt release or gave them to a mod because i didnt think i was going to be banned so i continue playing with them (selling and trading them) but then like 1 year after the glitch day i got banned on vulpixchupala and u__campeon, so i understood then my mistake so i sent a message to sharks12 telling him that i had more glicthed pokemons on my other accounts and i was trasfering them to mew_masnaix so they could be deleted or only mew_masnaix could be banned ( i can show the screenshot of my message to him) ... i was trying to help to remove them but i know i already had made a profit from them so i guess that's why i got all my accounts banned.
I feel like i have learnt my leason, i wont break the rules again, it has been so long since i got banned and i really miss this game and i would like to play again so i hope you understand that i just want to get back and play.

(sorry for my bad english, i guess i couldnt improve it without playing )
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Re: [PBA] Ban appeal nose_que_poner

Postby theashman83 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:52 pm


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