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Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal

Postby harman19 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:07 pm

•Include your in-game name: winter_is_coming/ lovepreet/ValarMorghulis
•Reason you were banned : viewtopic.php?f=137&t=22324
•How long you were banned : 1206 days
•Who you were banned by : Rem


These accounts were banned apparently because I did a deal ( void leggies for money) with a guy who was caught botting. As I said earlier, my deal was legit and I was at no fault. Either let the money be as it is or undo the trade ( give my pokes back) , that decision is on mods , but I would like my accounts back.
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Re: Ban Appeal

Postby Termes » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:31 pm

So the essence is this from what I've gathered. You were caught in a circle with Xamp for trading Pokemon with him for his botted money. That's the first red flag. At the time, you were also sharing accounts here and there with him which exacerbated the issues and implicated you a little further. My opinion is this, sharing isn't the biggest crime in the world but if one of you have a tantrum then onus is on yourselves to resolve it, which is why the rule really is in place. Apparently Xamp botted an astronomical amount in which case you really should have steered clear. My biggest problem with botting money is that you increase and skyrocket the market price for everything and you create an imbalance where really the only way for regular people to buy things becomes to bot yourself or else you have to make up in playing, donating many many many times over.

All I'm gonna say is this, I believe the ban was pretty reasonable given the evidence then and you recounting the story of the event. Whether you should be unbanned or not can be interpreted differently by everyone. My stance is to forgive because we can all make mistakes but I hope with time (3 years +) you've learnt your lesson. My priority is to forge a close relationship with the players and have a strong community to keep the game active but you can't just go around running amuck. If you've done wrong and served good time I am open to being lenient in one having a second chance. For me, I see what you did as wrong but I'm ready to give you another shot on these accounts. If you do something again of this sort or magnitude these rule breaking offences will come back to bite you.

I'm ready to overturn this. If any mod has anything to say then they can speak. I will also get Wolf's verdict on this. Cheers.
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