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Ban Appeal: DoctorDoom

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:14 pm
by Doctor
Ign: DoctorDoom
Who were you banned by: Lyzier.
Why were you banned: Botting/macroing.
My side of the story: I was banned here and as well on another game called PIC, an affiliation of PBA. I accept the fact I macroed on PIC. I'm sorry for what I have done. I did not bot on this game, which is quite evident from pba stats. 29,000 wins in 1 month and experience on golden misdreavus. I was banned for apparently showing the macros software on my screenshots for a yard, which I was making back then. I had macros on my laptop, but I swear that I had never used it on this game.
I was never caught here for doing insane long hours of battles or something. But the screenshot of macros sealed my fate here.

Back then I just wish I had a way to prove my innocence but, everything went against me because I was banned on PIC, before getting banned here.

its been almost 5years since I was banned. From a 16 year old teenager, I am at 24, and going for a job. Things have changed and I assure that I wouldn't disappoint the moderators, if given a second chance( always been promised by JProcks/Lyzier that I'll be given a second chance given that I am good to people on chat and also not cheat).. Past five years never been caught for even disrespecting people on chat, let alone cheating on game. I don't play pokemon much now but I'd love to have my account back.

I guess, thats it. :)

Looking forward to an answer. I have been begging for years, and years for only a single chance. If given won't disappoint you guys. Trust me.

Re: Ban Appeal: DoctorDoom

PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:55 pm
by W0LF3M4N_trainer
Hey DoctorDoom,

Thanks for posting up and being patient I've been a little busy recently haven't been checking here much the last few days. Thank you for being honest/thorough in your ban appeal instead of writing 1 line and thinking you'll get unbanned xD. So I guess my one question to you is why should you be unbanned and why would you like to return???

We ask these simple questions because although we are giving a lot of people second chances they are not only second chances but they are LAST chances... If we catch someone repeating old behaviors there will be no turning back and we just want to make sure that everyone understands this... So please answer that question for me and I will look further into your case to make sure you weren't leaving anything out as well as speak to Termes and we will decide from there!



Re: Ban Appeal: DoctorDoom

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:48 pm
by Doctor
Why should you be unbanned?

I've turned from being an arrogant and troublesome teen to a mature, and more responsible adult.. and have had no instance of getting into unwanted arguments on IRC anymore (its been a year or so since I last came there) - proves that I've changed, and deserve the one chance I have always been begging for. Almost 4 years ago, I was promised that I would be given a second chance if I was good to people, and showed consistent good behaviour (which I hope I did). I assure the mods that I'd never do anything wrong ever again, because I've understood that life is much more bigger than the game, and beating somebody at it is no more a big deal ( which was not so obvious to my teen self).

Why would you like to return?

Because I have had an emotional connect with the game and a lot of people, and I still remember the hard work I had put over the years to reach the top level. I would play the game whenever I can, and make sure I get used to the new amazing gameplay features that the devs have built over the years.


Re: Ban Appeal: DoctorDoom

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:12 pm
by W0LF3M4N_trainer
So I've been made aware that there might be a little more to your story than you are leading me on to believe... Would you like to explain anything else to me before I look completely into the situation? Doesn't sound like Jprocks to me "the only person who really would unban people here" to promise something and let it go as well as the new found allegations I have been told. So, I guess now is your chance to explain anything else I need to know before I go find out myself.

Re: Ban Appeal: DoctorDoom

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:19 pm
by Doctor
No, I don't. Sorry. And honestly, its been too long that I don't remember much from the old times. I was impersonated on mibbit last year or so.. and I have generally been notorious in the past among a lot of peeps because of my brashness, troll behaviour, and troublemaker. But, I really think I haven't broken any major rules apart from what I have mentioned. If only you could explain a bit.

And whatever the allegations are, I admit I have tried to use macros before on PIC, and was busted there. But did not do the same here, but sadly got banned because of a screenshot on forum showing macros icon. Botting, I guess is the highest level of offence on the game, and anything bigger than that? :^) I really think there is some sort of confusion here.