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[PBA] ban appeal nose_que_poner

[PBA] ban appeal nose_que_poner

Postby Steven__masnaix » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:17 pm

•Include your in-game name: Steven__masnaix, nose_que_poner, vulpixchupala, u__campeon and other accounts banned by ip
•Reason of your ban: i broke the first rule of pba ( 1. If you find an exploitable bug or glitch, report it to a mod or admin.) and i was looting (a lot of) hacked pokemons
•How long you were banned: like 4 years ago
•Why you should be unbanned: Well like i have said before i'm really sorry for breaking the rule about the glitch, I understand that i made a lot of pokemoney with it and yeah i abused of it; I didn't think I would have gotten banned for it since it was a glitch day for everyone and everyone could catch evolved pokemons, but yeah i can see that i'm one of the ones that abused more of it and i ruined the game's economy. but i hope you can understand that in that moment i just thought that i could make a good profit without 'breaking any rule' since in that moment no one knew they were all glitched pokemons, many people caught them thinking that all of them were legal pokemons; after that we all found out that it was a glitch in the game and yeah i should have tell mods that i caught (a lot of) uber pokemons but i didnt because (i think) i didnt see them removing cascoon so if they werent removing cascoons i thought "why not to keep them then?", i hope you can understand how i felt in that moment, we are humans we are not perfect, and i know i should have told mods about it but i didnt see any "If you caught evolved pokemons in the glitchted day please contact a mod" i couldnt think that i would get banned for it, i couldnt see the future and predict that i was one of the few persons catching them. but yeah i'm really sorry for it and when i got told that i was going to be banned for it i was ready to remove them, i sent a inbox to Sharks saying that i was ready to remove all the ones that i had left, i know i made a profit but i couldnt go back in past and tell to my self " hey dude you will get banned because people are not catching uber rares" : / but after all this i hope/guess that the ubers that i caught were deleted so i think i should be unbanned for it because it has been already more than 4 years that i got banned for breaking a rule that i couldnt know i was breaking in that moment.
About the looting hacked pokemons, well i have been talking with termes about it and i tried to explain him how all this was made; I dont want to lie saying that i didnt knew these were hacked pokemons because i'm here to try to get unbanned, i knew all these "almost free" pokemons that i got were hacked, i know i broke this rule too but again i hope you can understand that in that time i was very young(i dont want to say how old i'm in public) and started talking with someone who after some days/weeks told me "hey dude do you want some free pokemons?" of course i didnt belive he was going to give them but then i thought "well lets see if he is lying/scamming, life is a risk" so i said "yeah ofc why not" and all this started with that, but of course i didn't offer him 0's because i knew that there were trade logs in the game (it can be taken as a proof that this guy existed because if i knew of trade logs why would i made all this so directly so that my main account will get banned), and ofc i knew that a person getting/giving free golds/rare pokemons wasn't doing something good (legal) so yeah i accepted almost all the times i met him on chat or on facebook, i know it is hard to believe that a random person will start giving stuff to people for free but from what i have learnt people like that can exist in real life, people that just want to see the world (pba world) burn exist, and i feel very sorry for being part of what person this made but i didn't think i would get banned for it because i thought it would seem like i was buying them cheap : / it has been more than 4 years and i'm really sorry but looting those pokemons and making all the profit i made : /
sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand and thank for reading everything.
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