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[PBA] second ban appeal Nose_que_poner

[PBA] second ban appeal Nose_que_poner

Postby Steven__masnaix » Sat Jun 02, 2018 9:08 pm

•Include your in-game name: Steven__masnaix, nose_que_poner, vulpixchupala, u__campeon and other accounts banned by ip
•Reason of your ban: i broke the first rule of pba ( 1. If you find an exploitable bug or glitch, report it to a mod or admin.) and i was looting (a lot of) hacked pokemons and maybe some other rules too
•How long you were banned: like 4-5 years
•Why you should be unbanned: To be honest my first idea was to copy and paste my last unban appeal ( click here to read it) but i feel that i have to say something else, I already have tried to explain how the looting stuff was made, I know it is hard to believe and yeah i understand, but this point is asking something else, here i should post 'why i should be unbanned' it is not asking if i'm 100% guilty or not, so here i go.
I feel that i should be unbanned not only because the reasons that i explained here but also because I can see now that I really love this game, it is already part of me, it is something that i started playing on 2009-2010 and always when someone on facebook talks me about it i come here and spent days/weeks playing, helping people etc. but nowadays it is really sad to see how it gets new players and they try to play some days and then quit because they got bored/ignored etc, I feel that i have to do something for the game, i feel that i have to help them because the game has already given me a lot, I learnt a lot here, i improved my english, i enjoyed playing for years, i met friends, i watched/learnt a lot about other cultures etc. and now as a payment i think that my work is to help the game to stay being funny and to keep the new players, and i really like to do it but now i want to play too, i want to play with my old accounts with all the stuff that i worked hard to get(not all my pokemons were looted from hacked accounts).
I know that at this point you should be thinking 'hey man the game doesnt need you, we are good without you', but i've been here in the last month and i know it does need players, i know it does need players that make trades, move money i know that any game in general always needs players, ofc i know you dont need players that breaks the rules but i can promise you that i will try to dont break any rule i will just stay calm because now i know how it feels to be banned for years and watch how all the time you spent is blocked in banned accounts.

Offtopic: This is for wolf and termes: i know that i broke some rules in the last month too but i hope you can understand that i didnt do it thinking 'yay i will get richer breaking new rules', i hope it is clear that i just did it because i wanted to help trades, to help moving money, to help buying stuff from people and making them happy, to help some others to get the pokemons that they skipped, to help others to get the void of their favourite legend, i just wanted to make more active the game, it wasnt about me and how rich i could get.
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