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Pokemon Roleplay ~ Pika7a

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Pokemon Roleplay ~ Pika7a

Postby Pika7a » Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:29 pm

Trainer name -
Your best/fav Pokemon -
Trainer looks -
Best/fav poke level -
Other pokemon (no more than 5 others to begin) -
Other -


Trainer name - Abigail
Your best/fav Pokemon - Pikachu
Trainer looks - Blond hair, blue eyes, pretty
Best/fav poke level - 59
Other pokemon (no more than 5 others to begin) - Ampharos (Cloud) Vulpix Bulbasaur(Rosie) Azurill Dratini
Other - Abigail is a tomboyish girl who has done many different things with her team of pokemon. Pikachu was her first pokemon and she loves her deeply.

1. don't win every battle you fight
2. don't catch every pokemon u see
3. play by the rules (duh, that's what they here for!)
4. no cursing/foul language
5. Only 6 pokes can be with u at a time, uh, no catching to many legendary, ya...
6. Post often


Pikachu! Common, stop messin around. We gotta pick up the pace if we want to reach that Pokemon center before dark! A healthy looking Pikachu looks up at her with sparkling brown eyes. Pikaaa! She leaps onto Abigail’s shoulder. Pikachu hands her a flower. Oh so that’s why you where laggin behind! You where picking flowers. Well, thanks. Now common lets get moving… Abigail looks up at the sky. Previously light blue sky was now slate grey. Oh this is just great. She slings her trainer bag over her shoulder and bolts down the path.
They entered the Pokemon center as dusk was falling. The cold air caused Goosebumps to prick her skin. Pbbbb! Abigail looked down at Pikachu who was shaking her damp fur all over her trainer. All of a sudden she felt very aware of how they must look. Abigail’s blond hair was soaked and her T-shirt stuck to her. Her jeans where muddy where she had tripped and soaked leaves covered on leg of her pants. She sighed quietly and walked to the front desk with as much dignity as she could muster. Pikachu trod along happily. Abigail reached the front desk. The nurse joy at this center looked at her with surprise in her gaze. My- What happened to you? Abigail blushed. Caught out in the rain. Could I have a room for the night? Of course. Right this way. Joy led them down a long hallway. Abigail’s feet sunk into the fluffy red carpet. The joy stopped at room 126. Here you are! Enjoy! She handed Abigail a key before walking away. Abigial jammed the key into the lock as fast as her numb fingers could manage and then yanked open the door.
The room was dark. Abigail stumbled along and flipped a switch. With a loud click the room was lit up. A fluffy bed was next to the window and a brown sofa was located next to the wall. There was a pool table in front of the sofa and a huge wide screen TV and the TV guide was on the pool table. There was a closet with large plastic white hangers at the ready. There was a bathroom with tiny bottles of shampoo, fluffy towels, soap, wash cloths, blow dryer, and a clothes hamper. Pika… When Abigail looked up Pikachu was about to leap onto the bed. No not yet Pika! Abigail called. Come over her and get clean first. Pikachu came over obediently. Abigail ran steaming hot water in the sink and plugged up the drain. Pikachu hopped in. Then Abigail took a nice long hot shower and washed her hair and felt the numbing cold ease away. As she opened the shower curtain Pikachu looked up from her bath at her. Pikaaa… Pikachu was enjoying her bath so Abigail didn’t take her out yet. Instead she dried herself off and blow dried her hair. She ran a brush trough her hair making it shine golden. You ready to get out Pikachu? Pika. Abigail lifted Pikachu out of the sink and drained the water. Water streamed off of Pikachu’s short fur. Abigail dropped a towel on her and then dried her vigorously. When she lifted the towel Pikachu’s fur was standing on end. Abigail brushed it down with a plastic comb. Hey Pika, you hungry? Pikachu! Pikachu chirped and Abigail smiled. Abigail changed into a sweat pants and shirt. Then they walked toward the couch and next to the couch Abigail placed six empty food bowls and filled them with her own hand made Pokemon chow. Pikachu took the bowl nearest to the couch. Common out everyone! Abigail threw five pokeballs into the air. An Ampharos, Vulpix, Bulbasaur Azurill, and Dratini looked up at her. Ok time to eat everyone!! The Pokemon chowed down and Abigail made herself a bowl of soup in the microwave. Pikachu finished eating first (the day of travel had gave her quite an appetite) and then she hopped on the couth next to Abigail who was staring at a map. Hi Pika. She murmured without looking up. Pika? I was thinking we should head to this town next. Abigail pointed to a small town marked Cerulean. It has a water gym there and you and Cloud should be able to beat it really easily. Pika pi! Pikachu remarked. That’s settled! Abigail folded up the map and put it away. Vulpix! Abigail looked down to see her Vulpix calling to Pikachu. Pika! Pikachu leapt down to play with Vulpix. They started a game of tag. They ran trough the rooms and Pikachu was catching up to Vulpix then hid behind Rosie, the Bulbasaur. Bulba? She looked surprised. Pikachu caught up and tagged Vulpix who flopped down because she was so tired. Common everyone time to go back to your pokeballs! Return! The next second the room was empty apart from Pikachu and Abigail. Abigail turned on the TV. A special was just starting about the gym leaders in the region they where exploring. Abigail popped some popcorn and settled down to watch. Gym leaders, their Pokemon, and facts about them flashed on the screen. Pika? Ok Pikachu here you go. Abigail threw a piece of popcorn in the air and Pikachu caught it and ate it. Abigail smiled. As the special ended Abigail looked at the clock. It was eight. Hmm… Lets get a good night of sleep. Abigail pulled the heavy blanket over her. Pikachu curled up next to her. Goodnight Pikachu. Abigail murmured. Then she fell asleep.
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