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Beware Of Scammers!!

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Beware Of Scammers!!

Postby DarkMaster » Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:02 pm

Simple announcement:

Moderators DO NOT NEED your pokemon.

We will not be going around contacting you on MSN or any other messenger, telling you to give us your pokemon or face a ban if you refuse.
As if it weren't already painfully obvious, THIS IS A SCAM.
No moderator would do this, and if they did, they would be demodded.
This is absurd but apparently people are still falling for it, so please don't be so dumb.

Announcement two:

If a person wants to trade with you, then they can do it all in one go.
There is no need for anyone to 'send first', or to have one thing sent to a storage while the other side of a trade is sent to a main.
If someone wants to trade with you, they can send their stuff to the same account and do it all in one trade.
If they ask you to 'send first', or 'send to my storage and then create to my main for yours', DO NOT DO IT.
It usually means that the person is trying to fool you into thinking a good account (that isn't theirs) is owned by them, or owned by a 'friend' and that they can use it (which they cannot, under the rules). They say that some other, usually worse account is their 'storage'. If you fall for it, and send the 'storage' your stuff, then you will lose your stuff and not get anything back, because obviously they will simply complete the trade to the 'storage' and the trade to the 'main' will not be completed.
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Re: Beware Of Scammers!!

Postby Massy911 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:09 am

Bumping out of unanswered topics.
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