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Postby Last » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:08 pm

Well, this thing is about the so called scamming and hacking going on alot nowadays on IRC.
Some people scam/hack others by making fake website about "Increase level of your pokemon", "Make your pokemon shiny", "Mod login area" where you have to put your ingame nick and password.
Therez only one word for all of them. "THEY ARE ALL FAKE".
No such non-sense like that works.
and, We dont call it getting SCAMMED or HACKED. Thats called getting FOOLED.
And we wont help any fools, who felt for such things.

REMEMBER: DONT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE IN ANYWAY. There are 99% chances of you getting fooled.

and for those who got fooled already: Take this as a lesson for future.

-Thnx for your time.

Sharks wrote:For your safety and consideration, I'm asking you not to TRUST ingame/forums/Discord of PBA. Some might cheat you easily. Just DON'T. Like offering their high exp pokemon or a great yard, you're responsible if you're fooled.

I won't ever help a person involved in being 'scammed'. Its' your fault and that's it.
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