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Why staff can change names on the IRC

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Why staff can change names on the IRC

Postby Kisu » Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:43 pm

People are constantly complaining about staff using names other than their games names in the IRC when players have to use their own names.
Despite us telling them over and over again why this is, they still complain. So here it is for you all to see.

Staff can use any name on the IRC for this main, simple rule: To protect themselves. Most staff do use their game name (such as myself)
but we can change if we feel we have to

To protect themselves? What does this mean?
Staff deal with troublesome players every day on here and, as I'm sure players have also witnessed, not all of these players take their punishment
very well or in a mature manner. If a staff member hides their name, it means their in-game account cannot then be reached by said player and they
save themselves lots of abuse, grief and the possible risk of a bad player trying to get in to their account for revenge.

But I get abused too sometimes!
The risk of staff being abused is far higher than a player; while the average player may only run in to someone who will give them abuse every so often, staff run in to this several times every day. As a player, you have the staff to protect you and we give you security to the best of our abilities. As staff, using the simple method of hiding our names gives us relief and a better sense of security.

Many of you run to a staff member if you have a bad comment on your profile insulting you saying it upset you. Imagine being staff, having to be the ones dealing with these players on a daily basis and getting those kind of comments (usually worse) on your profile constantly. Yes, staff do have a higher tolerance of these comments, but everyone has their limits and there could be something said that does upset a staff member too or simply the amount of comments alone means they need to take a break. Also, again, the more bad players we're exposed to who know our game accounts, the higher risk that one of them will try to break in to our account. (this has already happened to some staff members)

But this is a free country!!11!
This is a website, not a country. We don't care what your country laws are.

So that's it explained plain and simply for you all to see. Hopefully you now understand. If not... then... stay in school.

Thanks for reading~!
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