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Postby Ramit » Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:29 am

Ever since this has begun, We've had massive amount of reports.
Anyways, Not going much into detail.
We now have a channel called #PBAAuctions
This channel will be used for holding auctions, systematic ones, No Rule Breaking, Cheating, Scamming or unfair practices will be done. We'll not let that happen.
I have permission to make this channel (Thank You Sharks!)
The Staff of PBA or PBA(E) does not have to moderate this channel, However, If You are a Mod on PBA or not, You can apply to help on that channel.
Users should use #PBAAuctions (for auctions) instead of #PBATrades from now on.
All general IRC rules Imply.
Thank You~!
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