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The Great 5th Gen Migration of PBA

PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2014 3:15 am
by PrincessPhoenix
Many of you have expressed inquiry and displeasure at the current rarities and distribution of the generation 5 Pokemon, and many of you also brought up interesting points about their map and yard status compared to the Pokemon released from other gens. So, after a period of long discussion and thought we have decided to re-evaluate and overhaul the current gen 5 rarity and map system.

We created new maps for a vast majority of the 5th gen Pokemon to live on and rearranged the rarity settings on nearly all of them. This means that there are now common, uncommon and rare 5th gens that are map findable, similar to the format of the other gens. We kept the current economical value of Pokemon in mind during the rarity redistribution so that certain Pokemon that were difficult to find on routes and cultivate in yards could maintain their current value. Those that overtook yards with only a few individuals present were favored toward the common side. The rest are rather random.

To unlock the new maps, you need to defeat the gym leaders for the Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh or Unova regions. The maps should then be available at the bottom of your unlocked map list, right above the elemental map section.

You may have noticed the rarity changes earlier this week and now you know why. Have fun! And please post any problems/errors to the bug/error forum.

Note: If you previously defeated all the gym leaders in a region, just randomly defeat one of them again to unlock the map from that gym leader set.

  • Gen 5 Pokemon now have their own maps
  • Gen 5 Pokemon rarities have been edited