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New PBA Update Log!

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New PBA Update Log!

Postby theashman83 » Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:49 pm

Hello, hello, one and all. I'm Nexus, and I'm here with what should probe to be a worthwhile update log.

With the Developers (devs) in short supply, and so unable to edit the update sections of the login page(s), I've taken it upon myself to make a substitute update log here on the forums, which I and other Moderators can edit as necessary. The list will start from May 20th, which eagle-eyed readers will notice is when I posted the last topic in this sub-forum. So without further ado:

Update Log

May 20th 2016 ( viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23889 )


  • 6th gens had been planned for release, but lack of devs meant important error fixes couldn't be made.
  • It was announced that the former PBA Dev, Sharks12, had had his powers revoked, an that Kyro was taking over as Head Dev for PBA
  • Unown Forms were added to the Stargate City map! This included all 28 forms (A-Z + ! + ?) being found on the map. with the exception of Unown (A), they cannot be found in yards.

May 24th 2016

May 26th 2016

  • Kyro returned and fixed some bugs to do with the new map engine's server crashing a lot.
  • The "Donation Pokemon of the day is ____" banned was removed from the header of all game pages for premium accounts. It is still there on non-premium accounts.
  • This is the last time Kyro is known to have worked on PBA

June/July 2016 (will update with confirmed date)

  • User Rezidor was promoted to staff as IRC Voice

July 23rd 2016

July/August 2016 (date to be confirmed)


  • Some missing sprites were added, primarily consisting of missing Albino sprites for fakemons and some alternate forms.

August 7th 2016

August 27th 2016

September 2016


  • The Daily Pokemon Challenge was broken. Fortunately, Jazz (another dev) was able to fix it with the help of a former dev, Sharks12.
  • The first 6th Generation Pokemon were released! These were Sylveon, Fletchling, Bunnelby, Scatterbug, Flabebe and Furfrou (with their respective evolutions as well). Aside from Sylveon (obtained by evolving Eevee with a Pink Scarf item), they could all be found on a newly released map called Broags Poke Garden 1.

October 2016

  • Pages across the game started breaking.
  • It started with the Top 10 Ranked and Top 10 Uniques tables on the Top Trainers page failing to load. Then the Top 10 Strongest Pokemon, followed by the Top 10 Strongest Non-Special Pokemon table.
  • This was the same for around a week, before other pages broke too intermittently. The key turning point being the day that the Pokemon Legends SSL Certificate expired (for reference).
  • The following pages/features are breaking intermittently: Shoutbox, Search Offline Trades, My Offline Trades, My Pokemon, Pokemon Center (when swapping team around), Releasing Pokemon into a yard.

October 14th 2016


  • Shellos (#422) was renamed to Shellos (West Sea) and was added to Route 24. Its evolution Gastrodon (#423) was renamed to Gastrodon (West Sea) as well.

October 15th 2016


  • The 2nd 6th Gen map was released, called Broags Poke Garden 2. The new Pokemon released with it are Skiddo, Pancham, Shellos (East Sea) and their respective evolutions.
  • Shellos (East Sea) can be released and found in yards, and has the same yard rarity as Shellos (West Sea) (almost like a NidoranM/F situation :p ). Skiddo and Pancham however, like the previous 6th gens, cannot be found in yards.

October 19th 2016

  • The cause of the problems noted under October 2016 was found!
  • It turns out that the current database is full, and the server didn't have any room for new data. This has temporarily been fixed, but Kyro does plan to migrate the game to a new server within the next week with bigger capacity for the database.
  • This migration should take under 24 hours, but may cause the game to be inaccessible during the migration process.
  • The recent lag spikes are also thought to have been caused by this. So theoretically, moving to a new server will cause the lag to vanish.

October 28th 2016

  • We have started the process of updating the Attackdex.
  • This involves updating the movesets of all Pokemon (where possible) to their XY movesets.
  • This involves adding in new moves that haven't been added to the game yet
  • This involves fixing the properties of some moves already ingame (Name, Power, Type, etc.)
  • Some Pokemon will get a much-needed boost, whereas others will be nerfed (sorry Gen 5)
  • This will be a long process, so may take a while.

October 31st 2016

ImageImageIt's Halloween!!ImageImage

  • Trevenant, Phantump, Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist have been added to various cave maps around the game!
  • Phantump can be found in The Garden Caves lvl1, and Pumpkaboo can be found in the Cavern of Spiders.
    []*They both evolve via Leaf Stone (see next point).
  • Currently, there is a bit of a problem evolving these. Until a Developer can activate Trade Evolution for them properly, please use THIS GUIDE to evolve your Pumpkaboo/Phantump.
  • Note: They will also appear on a new map soon to be released!

December 31st 2016

  • Unown Forms were made findable in yards.
  • Burmy and Wormadam's names changed to Burmy (Plant Cloak) and Wormadam (Plant Cloak) respectively.

January 3rd 2017

  • The New Year's 6th Gen update, read here for details
  • The already-released 6th Gens were made findable in yards.

This topic will be updated as and when needed.

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