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Auctions in IRC. -Updated-

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Auctions in IRC. -Updated-

Postby Kisu » Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:20 pm

Note: #PBAAuctions is now the new Auctions channel of PBA, Simply type /j #PBAAuctions to join.
Strictly no chatting in this channel and you MUST use your game name, not your forum name.

For a guide on how to set up an auction, go here:

Too many people are holding false auctions in the chat and therefore many are complaining to staff about not getting the pokemon they won in the auction. If this continues then auctions WILL be banned, so this is a warning to all players.

Here are some guideline rules about auctioning:

    -Auctions are to be held ONLY by using the bot.
    Say !auction to start and auction with the bot. The bot is there for your own security. Each sale is logged with the bot should someone try to say
    you didn't win or any other problems and makes auctions more fair. If you host an auction not using the bot it is illegal.

    - Do not complain about auction prices.
    Everyone can auction whatever they pokemon they want for whatever price they want. If you don't like a price, don't bid and don't complain. I.e "omg that is not worth that much omg that will never sell." It's rude and you wouldn't like it done to you. People will not want to bid if everyone just complains. Don't say "i'm not complaining" either, say NOTHING about the price if you don't like or don't think it's right, they can figure it out for themselves by seeing no one bought it.

    -Whatever the winning bid is, you sell/buy it for that price.
    Do not refuse to sell the pokemon if it's not a price you like. Start the auction at a price a little lower or around a price you'd be willing to accept. It's not fair on the other players who want it, win and then you don't hold your end of the bargain.

    - Absolutely NO PM BIDS. Any auction bids must be posted in the chat for all the see.
    Many people lie that someone made a bid in PM to try and increase the auction price; these are false bids and strictly against the rules. No PM bids count, no matter what. Seriously, don't give us 'they're to shy' or anything like that, there is no excuse what so ever that is acceptable.

    - You are not under any circumstances allowed to cancel your auction.
    If you start an auction, you must finish it. If it's at a price that's not what you hoped then too bad. Start at a price you'd be happy with as stated above. Staff will not cancel and auction for you.

    - Do not leave in the middle of an auction (thus cancelling it) and then sign back in and restart the auction.
    This is the same as cancelling. Don't hold an auction if you know you will have to leave soon. All auctions are logged so we will be able to see who won.

    - Whoever wins the auction gets it.
    Only those who are bidding on the pokemon are eligible to buy it (i.e. don't decide to just accept a random trade offer, or give it to a friend)

    - No minimum increasements.
    Do not say people can only place a bid if it is so much higher than the last. Ths is too annoying for both the auction holder and bidders to follow and just a way to get more money out of players. If someone wants to bid as little as 1 pokemoney more than the last bid, they can do so.

    - You MUST use the correct pokemon ID.
    When you post an auction to Pichu (the bot) using !auction, you must enter the correct ID of the pokemon. This is so others can look and see you do own it and the pokemon exists. If you are making multiple auctions of the same species of pokemon, you cannot re-use the ID of one already sold.
    Each pokemon has it's own unique ID and every ID must be associated with the pokemon you are bidding.

    - If a pokemon is not bought, do not keep re-posting it.
    If you auction gets no bids, don't immediately add it again. No one obviously wants it and others are waiting to bid. You can put it up for bid again later or some other time if you wish when there are more/different people present, but don't keep posting it every 5 minutes.

If you do not meet the above requirement then your auction is classified as a false auction and you will either be warned or banned on site. Three warnings will lead to a ban. The punishment for false auctions is based on the judgement of which ever staff member witnesses it, so they DO NOT have to give a warning, they can ban you on site if they feel you deserve it as each situation is different.

If players continue to break these rules, then auctions will be banned and anyone trying to hold and auction will be warned and/or banned on sight.
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