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How to get 5th generation pokemon! read.

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How to get 5th generation pokemon! read.

Postby aky47 » Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:46 am

over the past months of november and december +1st january people are always wanting to know how to get 5TH generation pokemon ok here we go.
1. killer_7 told me that you need 25 credits for one and 75 credits for shiny,etc
2.ok u have the 25 or 75 credits
3. now got to credits page and click a pokemon.
4. ok. it show the pokemon and its says 30creds for pokemon in shiny form or something. this is were people get confused,the URL is the thing were you type in (dont click the link!) and it will have something like this (example) all you have to do is take the 64 out and replace it with the pokedex number of a 5th generation for example 644 is zekrom i would take pkmn=64 into pkmn=644 then just buy the pkmn and it will say pokemon not valited or somthing u will have the 5th gen in your pokemon center! ps. i made this topic cause im getting anoyed of people buy these (codes) that arent codes more like a sentence for 30mil wich is a rip off. enjoy,and tell me what you think? :clap:
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Re: How to get 5th generation pokemon! read.

Postby Jdogg-90 » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:42 am

well this is just temporary as soon these 5th generation pokemon will be releaced .O.
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