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How to set up an auction

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How to set up an auction

Postby Kisu » Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:59 pm

In the auctions chat, we have the lovely bot Pichu to make auctions a lot more easier! Pichu was set up by Kite, so thank him for his hard work.
Using Pichu, you can set up an auction that the bot will announce.

When you enter the chat, you can say !auction for a list of commands. All of which are simple.
When you say !Auction, this will appear:

<Pichu>: *** Error: Please use !auction <ID> <Pokemon> <Level> <Price> <Special> to Start an Auction
<Pichu>: *** Info: Please add 0 as the Type for Normal Pokemon, 1 for Shiny Pokemon, 2 for Golden Pokemon, 3 for Ghost Pokemon, 4 for Dark Pokemon and 5 for Metal Pokemon.

- ID: The pokemons ID number. You can find this by going to My Pokemon and clicking on the pokemon you wish to auction. The number will be next to 'unique ID'
- Pokemon: The pokemon itself (i.e. charmander, bulbasaur etc)

- Level: The level of the pokemon

- Price: What you wish the starting bid to be. 'k' is already in the bot by default, so you only need to say a number. For example if you want the starting bid to be 10,000, you only need to say 10 and Pichu will list it as '10k'

- Special: Here you put the number as Pichu listed of what special trait the pokemon has. 1 for Shiny Pokemon, 2 for Golden Pokemon, 3 for Ghost Pokemon, 4 for Dark Pokemon and 5 for Metal Pokemon. And of course, 0 if there is nothing special about the pokemon.

Here is an example of an auction, once set up:
<Pichu>: *** Auction 683: Dark Sudowoodo (ID: 23006796) Lv: 5 (OT: Your username will appear) - Current Bid: 400 k Starting Bid - !bid <Amount> to Bid - Auction Ending in: 00:03:00 Minutes!
<Pichu>: *** Auction 683 Info -- Dark Sudowoodo - URL: ... D=23006796

The command said for this auction would have been !auction 23006796 Sudowoodo 5 400 4
23006796 is the ID, Sudowoodo is the pokemon, 5 is the level, 400 is the starting bid and 4 saying it's a dark pokemon.

To bid on an auction, say !bid # , again do not put in 'k'. Example, 10k would just be !bid 10

Each auction is 3 minutes long and will remind you of the auction every 2 minutes, 1 minute
and then from 30 seconds, 10 seconds and 5 seconds.

Only 1 auction can take place at a time and there is a 30 seconds waiting period between each auction. You do not need to wait for an auction to be over
to set up your own, it will simply take place when it is next in the list of auctions other members have in line.

Happy bidding!

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