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Making good and fast money Defeating furious master

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Making good and fast money Defeating furious master

Postby ShaDyInvincible92 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:02 am

First of, what you need is 2 deoxys(attack form) level 100, and any 4 low level pokes (ANY)

Buy roar of time and earthquake for 1 deox, and buy blizzard for other, and set them to first moves, you wont have to change moves again and again (it will be quick!)

Now start battle in 3 vs 3

Start off with 2 deo's and any 1 low level poke (All three opponents attack your low level poke, so your deoxys are free to attack and do 1 hit k.o)

1- Use roar of time on spiritomb, and blizzard on rayquaza.. both will go in 1 hit

2- Now comes reshiram and salamence, attack reshiram with roar of time and salamence with blizzard, again both go in hit

3- Finally it's heatran and Zekrom, attack heatran with earthquake and zekrom with blizzard..and you are done and still left with 2 lvl 100 deo attacks with full HP *laughing* 8)

Posting SS for your ease




And yeah i forgot to add! you will make approx 1.2m in 10 minutes! (if your internet is good)

So all the best with making money!!
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Re: Making good and fast money Defeating furious master

Postby Navgun » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:26 am

Haha ...thnx bro for making this guide...i knew this but forgot in meanwhile..haha.. ;) :rock: :dance:


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