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Pokemon Flee Time

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Pokemon Flee Time

Postby Termes » Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:58 pm

Hi. So, I'm just wondering what the situation with the new system in regards to the amount of time a Pokemon stays/flees after its release is.

From PP's Bringing back an older yard system's Topic she said one of the conditions of the new system is the yet undecided (at that time) flee time. And to quote PP, she said..

PrincessPhoenix wrote:PBA is.....where individually released Pokemon ran away after a set amount of time (usually 30 days. I will keep using 30 days as an example in this topic but the actual day of disappearance may be longer than that).


PrincessPhoenix wrote:3. After 30 days (or which ever day is agreed upon)

Have we agreed on this yet?

I'm assuming that some form of user input or thoughts are given in deciding this and that the time hasn't been agreed or set yet, or has it? I heard it may be staying as the default of 30 which case I highly disagree with, I think something like 60 days is much more reasonable if what I hear is true. PP's post suggested that there would be additional time added to the traditional flee time, else I think people would have voted differently.

Hoping to hear of some sort of reply from you Sharks or even PP considering the change happens In less than a day and it will impact one of the main features of a yard, thanks.
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