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Fix Evolution Chains?

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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby Bora » Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:50 pm

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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby W0LF3M4N_trainer » Mon Jul 25, 2016 3:02 pm

theashman83 wrote:Firstly, I'd like to make it known that this poll is brought to you from the staff team, not just me. Yet because I'm the one who posted the thread, people are taking this as an opportunity to take digs at me? Real smooth guys, real smooth. These toxic responses towards me will not be tolerated, just as they wouldn't be tolerated if they were aimed at anyone else.

Secondly, I would like to address why this poll was created now and not sooner. Since Sharks was fired, and Kyro took over the game (although there isn't much to show for it), this is an opportunity to experiment, if you like, with ideas and concepts that have been floating around for ages. Or bugs, I guess you could say in this case.
Now as to why this poll is here to start with. Time for a history lesson:

  • The majority of the evolution chains that would be fixed would result in so-called uber rares and unobs (unobtainables) to be well, not so uber rare and unobtainable. The uber rares class includes Slowking/Politoed/Cascoon (not so much these days)(and by extension, Dustox)/Gliscor/Vespiquen/Mothim/Probopass, and the unobs being Gallade/Weavile. The difference between the two classes, is that uber rares can potentially spawn on specific maps (at a rate of lower than 1/50000, and none (exception of Cascoon, explained in a bit), are known to have been caught in the past 5 years legitimately), whilst unobs cannot, meaning there is currently no legit way to obtain new Gallade or Weavile.

    So how are they ingame? Well, in the first year or two of the game being up, there was a glitch in the credit shop that allowed people who knew said glitch to buy these unobs and uber rares. While it's true that some of the ubers may have been caught in maps, there's no way to make any disctintion between the two possibilities, and the credit-bought would far-outweigh the legitimately caught regardless. From this, we deduce that most if not all ubers/unobs from this time (classed Old IDs) were obtained through a glitch, and not legitimately from the maps.

    But what about those with evidently newer IDs? Well, almost all obtained illegitmately as well. Started with the Cascoon incident (which some may remember), when Cascoon for some reason started spawning a lot more commonly (unconfirmed why this happened). At the same time, a vast number of Vespiquen/Slowking/Mothim/Probopass were caught by 3 specific users, who had hacked the game somehow. Most were dealt with, but not without some entering the market first.

    Another more recent incident involved something similar, with Gallade, Slowking and Politoed being the worst affected. And again, some managed to worm their way onto the market before it could be contained.

    So all these people voting against because it would ruin the value of these rare Pokémon, you are indirectly promoting glitching, hacking, and abuse of bugs.

  • To those saying this will ruin the value and rarity of these Pokémon (specifically referring to the unobs/ubers I imagine), did you once consider just how these evolution methods may be introduced? Sure, the items may be buyable from the Pokemart. Or they may not, and they may be rewards for challenges/achievements that require a lot of time and effort. I didn't mention this in the original post, because I didn't think I needed to. This poll is just about whether people would like the possibility of being able to evolve to get these Pokémon. How rare the items are (using items as an example, not all would follow this) could go either way, that would be decided after the results of this poll have been finalised.

  • To those who say they've worked hard, please elaborate. Have you searched the maps for countless hours hunting for these ubers? Or have you just waited for someone to sell one and bought it before anyone else could? And if so, did you pay a price that would be accepted by the community? Or offer a rip-off amount cheating the owner out of billions (you know who you are)?

  • To those who say there will be "nothing left of value/worth playing for", I say this: What about the Voids that have become unobs since the removal of them from the credit shop? (Although personally I disagree with this too. The raffles from which they were distributed should be brought back, but alas, that requires a dev). There are plenty of examples of rare Pokémon to go after other than these so-called unobs/ubers. How about Albino forms of rare map Pokémon?

  • Those who have these Pokémon don't want to sell. And I'm talking about the active players, not the returning players who get ripped off as soon as they open their gallery or post one on their trades before it gets sniped from them.

  • For those voting against, is it just because of the economy and your assets that would be affected (if you have them)? What about the players who join a Pokémon game, expecting to be able to catch them all? Expecting to be able to evolve their Pokémon fully? They don't get to use what might be their favourite Pokémon because you don't want your assets to lose value? That might be the case in the real world, doesn't mean it has to be the same here.

So... yeah. Think that's it from me for now. I'll edit this post further if I need to.

/end WoT

Sidenote: This is my vote. This is also to make sure people are aware of the facts before voting. And to show up the people making false claims, whether intentional or un-intentional.

So, I am breaking the rules and posting twice because you think you can speak to people and undermine people in a condescending remark because you are moderator of a failing game.

Firstly, I'd like to say you saying "people are taking jabs at me blah blah blah" is yes because you posted this. ALSO, due to the fact that this was mostly your idea. You expressed to me in private that you and "the members of the staff" and I say and quote "Mostly PP and I" thought of it yet PP hardly is ever on at all and Tommo expressed to me months ago that he hasn't been apart of the staff for months prior to that. So, yes it is mostly your idea. Second, if you don't like people taking "digs" at you why do you constantly take "digs" at the person that is running this game that you are trying to convince to do this update for you? You are a staff member. You are supposed to be a leader and someone that the players can look up to. You take the hits from the public because that is your job and that is what you got promoted for. Yes some people go to far but nobody said anything horrible here... What you don't do is speak to people like a condescending person telling them they didn't work for anything, that they promote cheating and that everything is all their fault and you are gods gift to the earth like you did right there. If you didn't want people's opinions on why or why not they were for or against it don't ask for it because I really hope you weren't naive enough to think that people would be happy with getting screwed out of billions.

Now, for your "fact busting" I had to take a quick lelelelelelelelelel at this. So, we didn't work hard huh???? All of us??? We ripped someone off or spent money before someone else could buy it (which quite frankly idk what that even means if I beat someone to spending 1b I beat someone to spending 1b)??? So me spending 1.1b on a void froslass (obtained in a legal manner may I add since you failed to mention that in your fact busting) and someone spending 15-18m on a void snorunt and I had to work hours training for people and making that money while you can make 18m in a day if you do it right is the same amount of work???? So, I personally didn't work for it? Have you ever spent billions on a pokemon? Nope you haven't... Do you know how much training entails to make billions? The way I trained was 500k per 1m xp so if I trained on a training account making no money off of gym leaders I'd have to raise a pokemon to Max XP for someone... Which at a rate of 50m a day (which is like 4-5 hours) would still take 40 days to do... That isn't work??? I forgot me buying something from someone (which they weren't at fault for gpitching it either) makes me a bad person and should mean I should be screwed out of billions while all of the whiny lazy couch potatoes get given handouts like everyone here in America has been priveledged with he last few years. Also, if you want to throw "digs" at us and kyro and you want real "digs" here you go. So what exactly do you do as staff? You log on to Mibbit like 2-3 hours maximum a day then just leave, post like once or twice in in game chat then just leave, hardly ever answer anyone unless they ask you on Mibbit first, only reply to the ban appeals you feel like replying to and are rude to people you don't like or don't agree with you. Staff should be proactive, helpful, kind, be able to keep their cool in times of stress and a leader. Not just log on a few hours out of a 24 hour day and tell someone how to get on a few maps in the game and get off lol. And not rely on us veteran players to help new people in game that is not our obligations it's yours!

So, before you sit back and leave comments like that don't generalize everyone in the same category. Don't only name a few pokemon on that list. Sit back and think "why is everyone mad?" Because you are screwing some of us out of a lot of hard work and money that we worked diligently for to obtain some of these pokemon. I did not cheat, I do not condone cheating but, I do not also believe in screwing over 1 side of the game to make another side happy. I believe in taking community feedback and molding my ideas into new ones to make everyoe happy. But you want to always be the savior and always be right and have everything done you way rather than think of something that is good for everyone. Also, as we previously discussed people are mad because your poll is to "fix the evolution chain" you did not say how these were going to be obtained you just said it needed fixed... Don't assume people know what that means...

All im saying is the attitude is completely unnecessary when you got promoted to moderator you signed up to take the heat for some things. You may not like it but you did. You posted this and as glucht said you have wanted this before so don't act like this wasn't mostly your idea because PP does not play this game much at all (bless her heart :( ). You are supposed to be a leader and a role model not speak down to people on giving their opinion. Maybe if you started doing that some of these people would stop being so rude to you and give you some respect. Just because you won't tolerate toxic responses because you are staff doesn't mean we should have to tolerate them from you.

I want it noted that yes, I broke the rules of the thread and posted twice/argued. But, im not going to let you generalize everyone and speak to us that way nor am I going to let you voice "facts" that way and swing the vote some more with the "newer" community and a few older people without voicing the other side of the argument as well. I also want it known that Nexus you know I respect you and have considered you a friend as we have thought of good ideas together before (none that have gone through but still) I just feel as though if you are saying "toxic comments shouldn't be aimed at you or someone else" you shouldn't follow it up with a 15 page article of complete arrogance and toxicity that and the fact you fail to see both sides of the argument and how unfair this would be are the reasons I am mad. With that being said W0LF3M4N out.

Edit: Also, as Killhaterz said I've probably spent upwards of $1500 in donations in this game of my hard earned money selling donations to help the site and build my cash stack to obtain some of these pokes. So again, I worked hard. I know you didn't want arguing, flaming and you can delete my comment like you deleted glucht's (but i'll just make a thread) but I will not have someone talk down to me when they themselves said they will not tolerate it themselves completely hypocritical. You may think just because you are well educated (which you are and you do speak very well and I do truly mean that I've told you it way before this) that you can bully the younger kids here. But, we both know I am not uneducated, I am not a child and I will not be spoken to like 1, I will not be talked down to, I will not allow anyone to demean me by talking down to me and making under the radar remarks without directing them at me and I will continue to defend myself and speak up for the people who are to afraid or just don't want to stand up for themselves. So again sorry for the uproar but it was uncalled for and hypocritical and my morals/pride got the best of me.
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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby Exultant » Tue Jul 26, 2016 4:16 am

AGAINST! This would make every single one of those rare pokemon, COMMON. That means all that hard work, people put in to get these such rate pokemon would be thrown away. That's not fair. I'm completely against this..
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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby Bora » Tue Jul 26, 2016 5:18 am

Is there a way for you moderators to check if someone is posting or voting with different accounts but on the same IP address, because that would be unfair, and both of the votes should be disqualified, because anyone who has free time could just spam making accounts and voting to change what the general public is actually voting for, and i like the idea of fixing up a mistake left by the person who is fired, i mean if it is the way that PBA wants it, why is he fired in the first place, and it's a great way to attract new players in the long run which is beneficial for both the players and the game. because let's face it, it's just the few people on every day and things cant stay the same, it needs some spark to attract new players. Just like ive seen that a lot of the new players have quit because they cant find anything useful to keep their motivation going, and the old players are just too far ahead for them and nothing they could possibly catch would make the old players interested and there's no way they have the resource to build anything of their own. Thank you.
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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby oobi2 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:29 pm

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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby kualexx » Wed Jul 27, 2016 7:18 pm

AGAINST FOREVER!!! :headbang:
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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby giancarlo_0 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:48 am

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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby ShadowZ043 » Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:19 pm

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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby pkemnmasterdestroyer » Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:01 am

AGAINST Other than banning me for a stupid reason , you are making this game useless , if there are no unobs what is there to work for? Think before opening ur big mouth , you think you're the big guy but tbh you're just a little nerd playing pokémon. When i was playing pokémon all i wanted was to get the unobs because they were UNOBTAINABLE , and you're opening your fat mouth again trying to make the PBA economy "better". Just because you made a few good suggestions don't make you God you little cucumber. And you were saying all the staff voted for this rubbish thing , well the only staff that plays this expired game is you.
~Peace PMD.

Offtopic: LOL W0LF3M4N you're a boss xD
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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby LYNX2366 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:43 am

against.... it will ruin the hardwork and effort of old players...
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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby xerneas » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:24 pm

for :)
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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby Spodgageon » Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:24 pm


First of all, they are glitches. Evolution chain should be as it should be. At the same time, there are people who worked very hard to catch one of those uber rares. When/if this is fixed, these uber rares will be so common and it affects them & the economy. To maintain the rarity and the economy, special evolutionary condition(s) should be set. For example, Gligar needs razor fang to evolve and it only evolves at night. Make this condition even more complex that it shouldn't be impossible to evolve Gligar, but really difficult. Really really difficult.

(I'm new to the game though. I thought about it in everyone's perspective and put in my honest opinion. Thank you.)
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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby Kaze-King » Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:15 pm


While it may be true these pokemon are unobs and that makes them even more appealing the part which disappointed me was the evolution for one I recall having a female void snorunt in the past and when I heard it could not evolve into frosslass I was quite upset about it.

What should be done is what someone prior to me has said and that's the evolution method for it evolving should be made through a series of challenges that need to be done to get an item for evolving the poke in the correct evolution method.
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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby mafia_wars193 » Fri Aug 05, 2016 5:30 pm

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Re: Fix Evolution Chains?

Postby nikash1994 » Fri Aug 05, 2016 5:40 pm

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