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creating a training account

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creating a training account

Postby vientodelbosque » Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:58 am

Hi, first post here! :D
i'm thinking about making an account only for training with my main acc. I've tried to battle my lv.100 raichu with 4 tail whip, but when it is i.a. controlled he uses all the attacks he have learned xD
So i need a pokemon with no attacks, for example ditto or metapod. None of them are listed on the pokedex in the "where you can catch this" section, so i assume those pokes are not catchable. For metapod, i suposse the only way to get it its evolving a caterpie, but for ditto? i've seen people selling it (however i cannot find prices to make an offer, how much is a ditto?) so it can be catched.
On the other hand, if i buy a skill for ditto (for leveling it), he will use that skill when i battle him offline?
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