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Common Answers To Questions (Read Before Posting!

PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:07 pm
by John-117
As my old thread died out Ive updated the list please mods,admin and assitants need more Qs and As feel free to tell me some and Ill add it. there is 29 Qs and As at the moment added some already.

Ive made a list of question and answers which was mentioned before, so do not post the same question. All the answers are here, Ill update the list regualry. (mods.admins feel free to edit this post and add question and answer which is not in the list. and assitants post the question and answer ill add it to the list later.)


1.) What are the official domains of PBA?

A.) They are, &

2.) Who runs the game now?

A.)Jazzbanga and sharks12 now runs the game. Kyro will no longer have any relation to PBA and has withdrawn from the game.

3.) How do I recover my account?

A.) To recover your account please click here to find out on how to recover your account. Remember you need 2/3 of the following in order to recover your acc. Username, Email or D.O.B.

4.) Why can’t I encounter all the 5th gens in maps?

A.)5th gens are currently being released slowly into maps. You can check on the pokedex for which ones are released and to find out the location. Please note 5th gens are rare to find.

5.) What are Pulse , minun (divines), bulbasaur (ditto faced) & rayquaza (zenith)?

A.)They are customised versions of some Pokémon. They can be obtained via credits shop or be found in some maps. Please refer to the pokedex to find its location. Also they have different rarities. Plulse & minun (divines) are rare as 5th gens, bulbasaur (ditto faced) is 2.5 times rarer than beldum & rayquaza (zenith) is super rare!

6.) I can’t donate by credit card what do I do?

A.)No Problem! There are other donation methods in place. Superrewards consist of alternative donation methods such as mobile, bank, prepaid or cash.

7.) How do I set my captured Pokémon on my team?

A.) First hover over explore and click on poke centre. Secondly scroll down until you see Pokémon swap. Thirdly, from the left dropdown box select an empty slot and from the right select your Pokémon. Finally now click on swap monsters to save it to your team!

8.) What are yards for?

A.)Yards are for catching, releasing Pokémon’s in your yard and planting berries. All trainers in your friends list can access your yard.

9.) What is connectivity bonus & what does it do?

A.) Connectivity bonus is an in game bonus for how long you’re playing for PBA for. The longer you play PBA the higher the percentage would be (maximum 20%) the bonus will help increase your encounter rate for specials. This will help users to find specials (dark, shiny, metal, ghost) in maps somewhat easier.

10.) What is the amount of Pokémon’s you can release into my yard?

A.) the limit for non-premium is: 500 Pokémon’s (approx. 50 pages) and for premium its 1000 Pokémon’s (100 pages).

11.) Does releasing special poke increase encounter rate?

A.)Yes, every special Pokémon of the same type will increase the special encounter rate of that Pokémon however normals you only have the base chance of encountering that special.

12.) How do you plant berries?

A.)You can no longer plant berries in game, this feature has been disabled. In previous years users could plant berries however this feature no longer works

13.) How do I set my Pokémon onto my team?

A.) go to explore  Pokecenter  scroll down until you see Pokémon swap  from the left dropdown box select an empty slot & from the right your Pokémon  then click swap monster to save it onto your lineup. For a better explanation please click here

14.) What are trades for?

A.)Trade allows a trainer to exchange Pokémon & pokemoney with other players on PBA.

15.) Can you use evolution stones?

A.)Yes, only with certain Pokémon’s. Some evolution stones are not coded yet. To view the current list of Pokémon evolutions by stone please refer to the bottom of this guide click here

16.)why I don't receive birthday credits?

A.)Birthday credits have been disabled.

17.)what are competitions and how do I unlock them?

A.)Competitions are contests that takes place on PBA, and you can only enter one competition per week. You can unlock them by completing 3 tasks. View this topic to see how to unlock them Click Here

18.)Can I find legendary Pokémon’s in elemental maps?

A.)Yes you can. The encounter rate varies between legendary Pokémon’s, some are more commonly found than others. Please note you cannot find any 5th gen legendaries in elemental maps. To find a specific legy please click here to go to the elemental maps guide to find the location of your desired legy.

19.)what are fakemons and where do I encounter one?

A.)Fakemons are custom-made Pokémon’s made by spiriters of Pokémon Battle Arena. They can be encountered only in specific maps and can be brought in the credits shop.

20.) Is Darkrema catchable?

A.)No Darkrema is not catchable and it’s only obtainable through the credits shop.

21.)Can I save my current Pokémon team?

A.)Yes, by going to trainer HQ then go to my Pokémon team and save your current team to load later.

22.)what is the maximum money you can win from a trainer?

A.)The maximum money you can win is 10k (10,000 pokemoney) however furious master can give you 50k if you win. (please note that furious trainer is the hardest trainer)

23.)Can I change my theme?

A.)You can select two themes from the login page. (Old) which are the classic theme which is default in game or (new) which is a new theme implemented in the game.

24.)Why is pvp (player versus player)down?

A.)PVP has not been coded to php (which the server runs on).

25.)Help! I forgot my password! What do I do?

A.)Visit to reset your password or you can PM sharks12 to reset your password.

26.)Help! I got scammed, what should I do?

A.)Immediately take a screen shot of the scam and report it on the forum in community watch in reporting area with the screen shot and the scammer. Please note copy/paste will not be classed as evidence and therefore staff cannot take any action.

27.)what are the benefits of donating?

A.)The benefits are you will:
-receive a golden Pokémon for donating
-receive # of credits/pokemoney based on amount of donation
-have higher chances of encountering shiny/metal/dark/ghost Pokémon’s on any maps and yards, and making them easier to find (Normal members 1 in 1000, Premium members 10 in 1000).

28.)what should I do if I find an error?

A.)Immediately post it on the forum in PBA online errors. However, check other topics first before making a new one. The developers will resolve the issue as soon as possible so please be patient. If it’s a severe glitch you have found please notify one of the mods/admins as soon as possible

29.)what should I do If I find a fake login site?

A.)Immediately PM a staff member, never login to a fake login site because they will steal your login details. The only official Pokémon Battle Arena domains are , &

30.)what is pokecontrol?

A.)Pokecontrol is a feature to get rid of all your Pokémon in your yard, but you cannot get them back once you have selected it.

31.)is the lotto shop working?

A.)Yes lotto shop is now back to working order. It is now located under explore menu

32.)is it possible to change my email and my date of birth?

A.) Yes you can go to settings, click on change settings then the first one you will see your email, you can change it then click on update.

33.) I heard that there is a dragon area, but I can't find it anywhere?

A.) Well there was.. The Map made had some errors so was removed. So No one actually has it.

34.) What are the chances of finding shiny, dark etc?

A.)Uhmm.. There's no particular chance rate I know about, but they're way rarer than the normals.

35.) What's the strongest of all those special types?

A.) Shiny:+20 HP, Metal: +20 DEF, Ghost: +20 SPD, Dark: +20 ATK, Golden: +10 ATK, +10 SPD, +10 DEF.

36.) Best Pokémon to beat all npc trainers? I have trouble of beating some boss using my lvl 98 Gengar which has good moveset.

A.)It depends who you are trying to defeat, Always try moves from the skill shop that would be super effective against their pokes.

37.) What’s so special boost of golden pokes?

A.)Golden Pokes can’t be caught in the wild; they’re exclusive and change daily. They can be only obtained through donating real money, Henceforth, Rarer and more wanted.


1.)How to register my nick on the IRC?

A.)Type this in the IRC /ns register password email then press enter to confirm

2.)What is #PBA-battles are down?

A.)The battles channel is down to due to pvp is down and need to be coded into php the channel won't be used till then.

3.)What is IRC?

A.)IRC is a internet reley chat for more information please go to this topic.

4.)What is Da_Boot?

A.)Da_Boot is an custom bot outside form the bot services it can kick and ban you automatically if you do something wrong

5.)Help! Why did I get kicked?

A.)Rejoin, the channel and don't repeat what made you get kicked.

6.)Is posting links are okay?

A.)No you will be kicked out of the channel or maybe banned?

7.)Do I have to use my game nick when I got to IRC?

A.)Yes always or you will be kicked by the bot (Da_Boot).

8.)Help! I can't access IRC there is a problem.

A.)If your PC is not letting you access IRC Please click here & view this topic it will help you to access the IRC again


1.)How to attach an image signature?

A.)Firstly go to your user control panel, secondly click on profile then edit signature, thirdly click on img button next to [*] put the URL of the image in the middlethen click submit. ([img]URL%20here[/img])

2.)What is PM and how do I send one?

A>)Pm stands for private message, to send one go to your user control panel , then on private message, add the name of the user you want to send it to, add the subject of message and the message itself then click submit.

3.)How to change the forum theme?

A.)Go to the user control panel, board preferences, scroll down until you see themes change the theme you want then click save it will save the changes you made.

4.)WHat are the requirements to join a clan?

A.) The requirements are you must have 75 posts (no spam) and your forum account should be at least 20 days old.

5.)What are the PBA legends?

A group that have been playing pba and been on the forum for at least 1 year and more.

6.)How do I become a staff.

A.)It is very hard work to become a staff read this topic.

7.)How long does it take to become a staff?

A.)You have to work hard as possible don't ask admins to make you a staff it will only lower your chances.

8.)How to make an useful FAQ guide?

A.)click here to view how to make an useful guide.


1.)How do I become a staff?

A.)View how to become a staff guide in FAQ/guides on the forum.

2.)How long does it take to get promoted?

A.)It can take a very long time, you must be really dedicated and fully committed.

3.)Can staff leave temporarily?

A.)yes but they need to let admins know in advance. failure to give an reason will lead to demotion.

4.)Does staff have any benefits?

A.)no, staff has no special benefits.

5.)What does the staff do?

A.)They enforce the rules of pba, help users and make guides for them. Staff also deals with rulebreakers

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:48 pm
by dragonfighter120
Wow thanks!

Re: Common answers to questions (read before posting!)[updated]

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:25 pm
by John-117
Thanks Ill be updating the list soon.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:18 pm
by an alien
they should make this a sticky. by the way, this is a


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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:59 pm
by John-117
who should? the admins or mods?

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:35 pm
by DigelettDude
by all means make this stickey but onyx can evolve

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:54 am
by Road351
How do i get unbanned???

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:11 am
by Leia
Umm...this should go in the community watch section ^^

Depending on what you did and how many warnings you are on, you are usually banned for a period of time. So, let's say you were banned for 24 hours. They you'll be unbanned after that time. Just be patient and wait a bit ^^~

- Keep in mind we are busy so dont complain if you dont get unbanned after exact one day.


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:00 pm
by Nabeel95
dont we have like... the FAQs for this???
i guess it wouldn't do any bad if its stickied yes?

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:30 pm
by John-117
yea make this thread sticky and mods,assitants or even sharks post here Qs and As so Ill add them up to the list within the next 4 days gonna add some.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:48 pm
by Halbai
halot dont worry we can add that ourselfs

when we want so post some Q's and A's we put it directly by editing ur threadi guess it

wouldn't do any bad if its stickied yes?^^ yes nabeel

i will make it sticky

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:50 am
by John-117
Thanks for making this thread sticky halbai Im gonna add some Qs and As now at least this thread will never die out.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:09 am
by gappodum
halot you should be a mod or an assistant i reckon u have done an amazing job

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:29 pm
by John-117
yes thats what an alien said but unfortunately i probably wont be.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:12 pm
by Halbai
halot no need to be disappointed, continue ur good work and be online more and active

it might help